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The Best Way to “Pay” for His Contribution is Genuine Receptivity and Appreciation, not Compensation

No, you’re not a burden to a healthy masculine man. And no, he’s not doing it for any kind of compensation.

If you offer him something in exchange, you take away the opportunity for him to be your hero.

You also make the relationship about what he’s going to get out of it (transactional), which isn’t you RECIEVING. And like I always go on and on about lol, receiving is your SUPERPOWER with a healthy masculine man.

Here’s an example:

A client has a strong connection with someone that is a healthy masculine man.

She wanted to ask this man she’s seeing to help her move. He travels quite a bit and he was headed to her part of the world to do some hiking but also to see her.

This client of mine is a bad ass shamanic healer. She is honorable and wonderful and kind and so she just did what most women would do when we don’t want to be a burden – offer compensation.

She said this, “if you come and help, I will let you use my Rover to drive around and I will show you all the cool sights in this part of the world.”

A healthy man doesn’t want to get ANYTHING out of contributing to you! That almost dishonors his gifts.

And this need is even more profound when he is interested in a romantic relationship with us.

Healthy masculine men actually consider it DISOHNORABLE to “get something out of it.”

They don’t do it to GET something out of it.

An effeminate man, unhealthy man or narcissist would do it to GET something out of it. But as I’ve written previously, these kinds of men are not operating from their healthy masculine core which is honor and integrity.

A healthy masculine man does it to CONTRIBUTE. That’s it, that’s all, the end.

LET HIM. Don’t take that away from him by offering him payment/compensation.

Now let me drive this example even further to help you see the energy and energy exchange that’s actually healthy in a sacred partnership between a feminine and masculine.

If you’re a mother you understand how deeply and sincerely you want to contribute to your children.

But even if you’re not a mother, you may feel that way about your clients, nieces and nephews, humanity or animals/pets.

If your daughter or son says, “hey mom I need some help moving, I will let you use my car if you come,” you wouldn’t CARE about getting the car, you just wanna help your kid.

You’re not doing it to get anything out of it.

Now don’t come at me saying this sounds ridiculous because women are not children. Here’s where it connects. Mothering is actually HEALTHY masculine energy. Yes, there is the feminine and nurturing part of mothering, but MOTHERING is protection and provision, which is HEALTHY masculine energy.

So THAT’s the same energy healthy masculine men want to give US, feminine women.

Healthy masculine men consider themselves accountable for the safety and care and comfort of women, children and the elderly.

And where the energy must flow masculine to feminine and then be RECIPROCATED, you can reciprocate with RECEPTIVITY and APPRECIATION….


Receptivity and Appreciation are the energies that masculine men value. They don’t want compensation. For them, it’s not transactional.

If you offer him a form of “payment,” whether it’s money, sex, or something else transactional, you’re actually TAKING SOMETHING AWAY from him.

You’re robbing him of the opportunity to be your HERO and make a contribution. I know!!! It’s SO HARD to do!!!

This is something almost EVERY woman I coach (it used to be me!!!) misses in her relationship with men and it’s something we work on aligning in my 90 day 1-1 intensive.

This wisdom and understanding of energy flow configuration is a key ingredient in a healthy relationship with a masculine person who wants to be your man.

If we’re not receptive they won’t give to us, because we can’t receive it. They will stop showing up and contributing in any way. It could lead to the relationship ending for good.

If you miss this piece, the energy flow inside your relationships whether you’re dating, boyfriend/girlfriend or married, will never feel quite right.

If you don’t understand this about men, you will feel unmet and unseen in your romantic relationships.

That’s because you won’t feel at a foundational level supported in a way that allows you to deeply surrender (which is the sacred feminine’s spiritual need with the sacred masculine).

But YOU can turn it around by working on receptivity – and it’s never too late.

Receptivity requires vulnerability, which is why so many women struggle with true receptivity. That’s OK, we can completely disappear the wounds that cause you to avoid being vulnerable and have you protecting yourself.

And also – you can have comfortable vulnerability when you’re with a SAFE healthy masculine man (I help you pick those in my 1-1 90 day intensive).

Again, I am not talking about hum drum “let’s just live together and do our best to tolerate each other” kind of relationship.

I am talking here about relationships that have ignited a passion and a fire that nourishes deep love forever and allows each partner to feel connected on every level.

If that’s the kind of love you’re yearning for, I help you prepare for, attract and learn to sustain exactly that in my private 1-1 intensive.

If this resonates with you, then I invite you to send me a DM and ask about the program. I will respond back and we will have a quick chat over messenger to see if it’s a fit for us to work together.

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