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The Biggest Flex is the Fire of Forever

Being balanced in your masculine and feminine energy isn’t ALL you need for a hot, healthy marriage.

You need to align with your authentic CORE polarity and attract your CORE complement.

That’s when you ignite the fire of forever.

Anything else is just boring. Drab, Dreary and Dull, LOL.

Just friends but not lovers HOT for each other.

Most of us have a primary authentic CORE polarity that is either feminine or masculine.

Very few souls come into a human body as a perfect 50/50 blend of both. These kinds of souls are the exception and not the norm.

But mainstream will have you believing that the exception is the norm and that we can switch genders (and therefore polarities) willy nilly. This is not spiritually or scientifically accurate.

Women who are CORE feminine (most biological women) become exhausted emotionally, mentally and physically when operating in their masculine energy/polarity for too long.

Too long would be more than 50% of the time, in my opinion. But for some very feminine energy women, it could be as little as 10% of the time. Meaning if she needs to operate in masculine mode more than 10% of the time, life just isn’t going to be fun for her 90% of the time.

Men who are CORE masculine (most biological men) become frustrated, feel thwarted and incapacitated when forced to operate in their feminine energy/polarity for too long.

Likewise, too long would be more than 50% of the time, in my opinion. But for some very masculine energy men, it could be as little as 10% of the time. Meaning if he needs to operate in feminine mode more than 10% of the time, life just isn’t going to be fun for him 90% of the time.

Can you see the COMPLIMENTARY NATURE here?

It is detrimental to both genders to “live” outside of their CORE polarity for too long.

That’s why if you married someone who isn’t your core compliment in polarity, the relationship can’t last in a way that is sustainable and fulfilling for either the feminine OR the masculine CORE polarity person in it.

That’s because if you’re not with your energetic compliment, you will be DRAINED in the relationship.

In my experience, this authentic CORE polarity concept applies to ALL relationships (not just hetero normative ones), but in this post I am speaking to feminine beings who want to create a hot and healthy sexual, lasting relationship connected on every level with a masculine being.

So no, balancing YOUR own feminine and masculine energy IS NOT actually what moves the needle on the radiator, sorry! LOL

Not for a healthy and sustainable deeply CONNECTED romantic partnership. Sorry.

And yes balancing your feminine and masculine energy IS sufficient to bring you all the goodies as a single person – such as peace, balance and success in many other areas of your life such as your business and platonic relationships.

Once you balance your feminine and masculine energies, many feminine leaders experience success in their sacred work, opportunities opening up for them and life just flowing more.

But you need to take this “balancing” a step further when it comes to divine union in human bodies.

You actually need to go beyond balancing masculine and feminine within – which is super important in becoming a healthy human – to ALIGNING with your CORE polarity AS WELL.

It might almost feel like UNbalancing, now that you just got things balanced, LOL.

It might feel woozy and vulnerable and scary AF.

And that’s why so many powerful feminine leaders fight me SO hard on this.

Women say things like, grounding through another person is extremely unhealthy.

They say, my spirit is so strong and I depend on myself. A man would just be a bonus, if he can keep up.

They say, with or without (men), life goes on.

They say, each of us is strong enough individually and need nothing outside of ourselves for our happiness, safety and security.

They say, Who rules the world – girls! That one entirely misses the point, but OK. LOL

I don’t think most women are fully able to see what they’re saying NO to, in the name of empowerment.

Partnership with your CORE COMPLIMENT IS empowerment. It’s synergy. The biggest flex.

I am reading posts from many female leaders that say that once they aligned with their human design, suddenly life and business became almost effortless.

Well, it’s the same with romantic relationships.

Once you align with your CORE polarity, igniting love and passion that lasts becomes almost effortless, too – as long as you select a healthy masculine man.

Try it! And if you want help, just send me a DM. I help you nail that down in my 90 day 1-1 intensive so you can meet your DREAM man.

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