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From Limiting Beliefs to Love: Emilia’s Manifestation Guide

You’re actually holding an energy of LACK around LOVE when you tell yourself things like, “I am very different, I am a witch, I am too sensitive, I am too spiritual, I am too complicated, I am a lot to handle, I need unusual things because my astrology chart is ABC, my human design is XYZ, my karma is DEF.”


In the words of Byron Katie, is it true?

Can you be absolutely certain that it’s true?

Transcending Limiting Beliefs: Embracing Spiritual Union and Power

If no then, why are you creating that with your words rather than creating spiritual union with your words?


Because you’re not fully in your power in the area of relationships with men and the masculine.

You’re subconsciously playing “too big,” “too independent,” “too ABC” to have real sacred union.

It’s Ok. It’s lifetimes, lineages, it’s OOOLD.

But we’re here to TRANSMUTE just that.

It’s TIME. New Earth is here! And New Earth marriages are Sacred Unions!

It’s time for sacred partnership love – divine union between sacred divine feminine and sacred divine masculine IN human bodies in YOUR relationship, YES QUEEN, YES!

You’re downplaying your sovereign creative power in THIS area although you might have it totally blowing up millions for you in your biz, health, wherever else.

All manifestation is a combination of masculine and feminine energy; surrender and action, faith and practicality, being and doing.


What’s happening when you say, “I am a witch and too nuanced and multilayered for any dating approaches to be effective for me,” is you’re using your spiritual gifts to handicap yourself.

Rather than using them powerfully as a reason why something WOULD work.

For example, “I am a witch, I can make anything work. I can manifest anything I want.

If dating works for others, it can work for me.”

You’re not using your spiritual gifts in SERVICE of your dreams but in service of your perceived limitations.

This is some black magic you’re doing on yourself with your own power.

From Self-Doubt to Sacred Union: A Journey of Manifestation and Love

On the other hand, when you’re busy busy taking action towards something like chatting with a ton of men online or offline, giving your energy to meeting more and more men (any men, not intentionally selecting men), being ON and doing and doing, you’re not only draining your energy but also crowding out the magic of the Universe by OVERDOING. This is the masculine energy but it’s disempowered masculine.

SAME energy of lack. It’s the same energy that runs “I am not worthy.”

You’re hustling and efforting and not leaving enough space and SURRENDER energy/feminine energy for the Universe to deliver your desired manifestation.

Yes, this applies to LOVE! YES!

Use your spiritual gifts to affirm: I can receive, I am safe and protected.

I am willing to take aligned actions in service of my dream love.

I am willing to rest when rest is needed and take action when action is needed in service of manifesting my dream love.

I am worthy of true love and devotion and I have an open heart that can receive that.

And if you need help because you know you’ve got subconscious blocks to love even though you’re a total powerhouse in other areas, then this is what I do in my 3 month 1-1 intensive for feminine leaders who want to manifest powerful partnership with the man of their dreams.

It’s a private, 1-1 container where I work with you very closely on your feminine empowerment with men by understanding men and the masculine and embodying your full feminine sovereign power in relationship.

I help you date to select high quality masculine men, I help you discern and heal anything that might be in your way of creating that with a combination of years of experience, reiki and my spiritual gifts.

And finally I help you set up the foundation of a long-lasting and fulfilling soulmate love in your life.

My clients meet their match within 3-6 months of following my guidance and generally get engaged to their DREAM man in apx 12 months and married/living together within apx 24 months.

If this sounds like a fit for you, then I invite you to send me a PM and ask about working together.

We will have a quick chat over messenger to feel into if we’re a fit and if so, we can get started right away.

Love, Emilia

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