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The Empowered Feminine is not Submissive, She is SELECTIVE

Feminine is NOT submissinve, it’s SELECTIVE.

You probably hear many love, dating and relationship coaches say, “be in your feminine energy.”

And it may have sounded like we were telling you that in order to succeed in love, you must be more passive and submissive.

Some of you resigned yourselves to being single because you know you’re a strong, independent woman and it’s friggin 2023, not the 40’s.

But what I think many love coaches DO NOT spell out is that being feminine doesn’t mean being passive or submissive.

And even more good news; healthy masculine men do NOT want a woman who is submissive or passive.

Healthy masculine men want a feminine PARTNER (men’s words).

Yes, they use the word PARTNER.

Just like hot and cold, dark and light, up and down, the words feminine and masculine, are simply definitions or words to describe a spectrum of energy and experience.

When you’re really in tune with your feminine energy, you’re fierce.

You’ve taken a deep dive into the core of your soul, and found that part of you within that understands what she needs to breathe, to feel nourished, to create, to thrive.

That part of you understands her place is the cosmic web and she wants to foster and sustain creation and life.

You’ve connected to the part of you that is the receptacle of cosmic love, the part of you that, by simply getting clear on your desire, is already magnetizing the physical embodiment of your crystal clarity and excluding from your reality the manifestation of the undesirable, non-life-affirming-to-you alternatives.

But just because you’re a receptacle doesn’t make you passive.

And that’s where the submissive misconception comes in.

Let’s think of the human cell. It lives in an aqueous environment where things that it needs float around and things that it doesn’t need (metabolic by-products of itself or other cells) also float around.

THE cell doesn’t just allow everything in. It has what in biochemistry we call a semi-permeable membrane.

That means it allows the things it NEEDS in and the things it doesn’t need are not permitted to pass through the cell wall.

Would we call that feminine? In a sense, yes, because this expression of life is receiving form its environment.

Would we call that submissive?

Or Passive?

No, because it’s not receiving EVERYTHING and ANYTHING.


It is CLEAR on what it needs.

It only invites in the things that nourish it.

It says NO to things that are harmful, not nourishing or things that it already has enough of.

The cell receives in a feminine fashion, but it is FIERCE about its own boundaries and nourishment and is SELECTIVE about what it receives.

It lives in a milieu of all that it needs coming to it, yet it doesn’t permit all inside of it and it chases nothing.

That’s the FEMININE.

Submissive would dictate that the cell would allow anything in, willy-nilly.

Or that if another cell told it to allow it in, it would, because someone else said so.

But the cell has its own sense of being, purpose and integrity.

So being feminine is like being a cell LOL.

The feminine is not obvious force. It’s not ACTIVE, as in, for example, a sperm cell that pursues the egg.

But it’s also NOT PASSIVE.


The feminine is selective about what it engages with, selective about how she spends her time and energy, selective about what she puts into her body, selective about who and what she allows in her space.

Healthy masculine men want a PARTNER. That’s the word they use.

They want a healthy, empowered feminine partner.

They love the fierce feminine.

They love a woman who knows what she wants.

They love a woman who is strong but allows HIM to provide, support and nourish her.

They love a woman who receives from him. But healthy men don’t expect you to receive EVERYTHING they offer.

When they know that a woman is SELECTIVE they feel special and chosen and inspired to commit to her.

They know that they WON a place in her life and in her space and they don’t take it for granted because they see her value.

And being selective is how you attract a HIGH quality man.

And it’s also how you attract pretty much anything you want in life; abundance in the forms of money, your dream job, your dream place to live, your dream clients, your dream work with a capital “W.”

If you’d like help with becoming a selectively-permeable fierce feminine cell membrane of a woman, LOL, without being submissive or passive…..

And enjoy the near magical ease of attracting everything you desire in life – particularly your soulmate ASAP – then send me a PM and ask about my 90-day 1-1 intensive.

I will respond with a few questions to make sure it’s a fit and if so, we can get started on this the very same week.

That intensive is for you if you’re a single woman and you’re looking for love with the RIGHT man….and you know there’s some work to do within when it comes to attracting an abundance of high quality men to choose from.

More specifically, I’m talking about attracting an abundance of high-quality men, selecting the right man to build your life with, and creating a secure foundation for a successful, fulfilling, committed partnership for life.

My clients attract their match in apx 3 months and in as few as 3-5 dates but in an average of only 10 dates!

Isn’t it crazy to think that you could be 5 or 10 dates away form your soulmate WITHOUT having to play at being passive or submissive?

Using this framework you will not waste your precious time on drama dating the wrong men and I’d love to help you significantly shorten your dating time and attract a long term commitment with an amazing man ASAP.

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