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Unlock True Love:3 Steps to Attract Your Soulmate in 90 Days

Here’s how to attract your soulmate and find real love in 90 dates. Let’s cut to the chase, here’s how you do it in general and then in particular.

I’m giving you the exact steps I implemented when I (finally after years of dead end dates) met my husband and we’re going on 13 yrs together and I couldn’t be happier (with a 9 yr old!).

It’s also the exact steps my students use to attract healthy reciprocal love in an average of 3 months and only around 10 dates!!!! (but in as few as only 5 dates for the overachievers)

  1. Commit & Clean your slate
  2. Date Discerningly
  3. Partner Powerfully

That’s IT!!!!!

Now let me break that down a little bit!

Clearing Emotional Barriers: The Power of Cleaning Your Slate

  1. Cleaning Your Slate

Cleaning your slate means releasing fears, worries, beliefs in “it won’t happen for me,” ideas you have about yourself that are unkind, such as I am too old, too fat or too damaged (I have women in their 20s think this and women in their 70s think this so they really are just thoughts, not truths because I also have women meet their soulmates at all ages).

Releasing these “ideas” brings new possibility for you to create something new. If you don’t release these “ideas” they will be the ideas that you live your life according to and your life will reflect them as being true until you release them.

Here are some quotes to illuminate what women experience after a releasing session:

“This is insanely effective.”

“I feel like I have wings opening up behind and above me. I feel so free!”

“I can feel the charge going out of these concepts for me. These are mental hangups and constructs that have very little to do with reality. They have so little true validity.”

“Thanks for being a safe space so I could let you in. Historically I would hold on to resistance, thank you for making this light and fun, and for the connection with me that allowed me to release so easily and quickly.”

“I have space and peace in the back of my heart, I had physical pain in those areas that’s gone, I feel a lot of release of tension. I want to move, I want to do some jumping jacks, let it reset. The butterfly that was in a jar in my heart is flying freely collecting nectar from flowers.”

“There is no charge – feel so happy about it!!!!”

Cleaning your slate also means forgiving yourself and others.

In my experience, no one can forgive another until they truly learn how to forgive themselves.

I struggled with forgiveness for many many years.

Coming from a family with narcissistic abuse I never understood forgiveness because in that kind of family system forgiveness doesn’t exist, perfection is required.

But forgiveness is an act of human spirit.

It comes from a domain outside of the daily grind where we try to earn and deserve things in life, since we can’t earn or deserve forgiveness.

We also can’t earn or deserve true love, which is why so many women find this whole soulmate thing elusive.

Without forgiving ourselves for our past mistakes, we don’t have access to creating something new and worse yet, if we haven’t forgiven ourselves we often subconsciously believe we don’t deserve the very things we most desire.

Subconsciously holding on to the shame and guilt of our past mistakes, we reduce our freedom and power.

So this is something many people struggle with but thankfully we have a healing for that.

Here’s some quotes of what others have said after doing a forgiveness session:

“I feel my creativity coming back.”

“I can trust myself.”

“I commit to being kind to myself.”

“I feel the honor in what I did.”

“I feel a renewed connection with myself.”

“I feel so loving towards myself.”

“I can feel my innocence and goodness.”

“I feel worthy of love.”

Finally, cleaning your slate means healing from injuries caused by others.

Usually these injuries are emotional in nature, sometimes mental and often spiritual.

When we don’t heal these injuries, we may spend a lifetime trying to prove the person who injured us wrong or live as if something negative said about us is true.

Without healing these kinds of injuries, we subconsciously sabotage our success caught up in insatiable needs and endless proving.

Most of us wear our injuries from others like a second skin, we operate on a level of consciousness just outside of these injuries, yet these injuries affect our self-confidence, access to personal power, access to personal creativity and freedom.

Basically “keeping” these injuries keeps us out of the domain of the higher self which also keeps us outside of the domain of sacred partnership – true fulfilling lasting love.

Here are some quotes from others after going through a healing session:

“My heart chakra is killing me with release that I finally got a sorry. We wish Emilia lives in Delaware so we can hug.”

“It feels like a door closed. That pain and suffering that I had connected with that situation a door got shut and now I am on the other side. Now we can move on.”

“That certainly shifted something. It felt like it was trapped very low in my pelvis. It was a wrench for it to move. And then it felt like it moved though me, through my throat. And then I got a sense of it on my forehead. As soon as you started talking, tears started. Now I feel calm and lighter. I had a sense while you were speaking that for the first time I was being acknowledged. I felt understood.”

“My head can relate to the problem still and see it as a problem, but I don’t get any physical reactions or emotions to it.”

“The hurt is a Pebble-sized diamond. It compressed and compressed into a diamond. It’s high value in our current world, it still was better for me to not have it. I hauled it away into the hills. Someone else can find it and appreciate having found a diamond.”

There are a few other details in there, but these are the main areas most women struggle and get stuck.

Once you have a clean slate, a whole world of possibility, creativity and freedom opens up and you are actually positioned to create a great partnership.

Mastering the Dating Game: How to Date Discerningly

Enter dating…….

  1. Date Discerningly

Unfortunately most women still need dating skills and a dating plan.

This is because we don’t learn how to date and very few of us are a dating expert.

Unless you are a master who was once a disaster, like me.

We need a dating plan that works to filter out the wrong men; men who are not sincere about commitment, not interested in or available for, partnership and men who are players or narcissists.

In my simple but incredibly effective 3 step messaging process I teach you how to weed these kinds of men out instantly. YAY.

But there is still another part of dating.

Like, actually meeting. Lol

Many women find it draining and exhausting.

That’s because they don’t have the 3 steps above in place so they are going out with these kinds of men and, well, who would want that?

Finally, when it comes to dating, it’s important to understand that it’s not helpful to implement games or strategies and yet so many of us do because that’s what we know and that’s what we do to protect ourselves.

But they don’t work.

Here are some quotes women have said about dating after implementing my dating plan:

“Right now one of my challenges is being available to answer phone calls as I’ve been out on dates so much lately. Your coaching on moving men from messages to dates works almost too well.”

“I love this man-a-thon I’ve been on. They are so different and fun to get to know. So thank you again for helping me qualify and meet such quality men.”

“I feel so safe and like he really does want to pursue a relationship with me because he has made the effort and I passed his ‘worth-it’ equation. Feels so good! I am so happy he honored my feelings and was patient and gave me space.”

“So I just got home from a 2nd date with Bob and I like him too! The trouble is I am meeting so many incredible men! I can ‘see a life’ with a lot of them!”

“These men are really stepping up and it’s amazing and I’m sooo grateful and gracious and it warms my heart so much.”

“All these men are so great, I’m just humbled, it makes me emotional and really appreciative.”

Building Lasting Bonds: The Art of Partnering Powerfully

  1. Partner Powerfully

Partnering powerfully is a skillset you need to develop if you are to sustain your marriage and love life.

The dating process I have designed above teaches you to date in such a way that you bring these precious skills to the table, practice them and master them.

But you still need to sustain.

Partnership is messy.

And beautiful.

There are few real models of true sacred love in the world – fantasy novels perhaps.

And yet true sacred lovedivine union – is our birthright and we can all achieve it in this lifetime, in our human form.

We just need skills because if we were not taught them in our family of origin (most of us were not) God knows we don’t get taught them at school, or even at church.

So where are we supposed to learn them?

The first step is to understand that masculine people and feminine people are biologically different.

Their brains are wired differently.

We are all capable of operating in masculine and feminine “mode” and yet, for a romantic partnership to be successful, energy must flow from one pole to the other.

This energy current flows from masculine to feminine and back.

Without this continued and intentionally sustained flow of energy between the partners, there can be no interdependence, attraction, connection or fulfillment.

So there you have it in a nutshell.

With these steps, it’s actually hard to NOT attract an extraordinary empowered masculine man who will want you to be his forever.

You will be ready, feeling healed, whole, powerful and free.

You will feel worthy of love with a lot to give and you will attract a healthy person who can do the same.

You will know about cultivating polarity and how to sustain attraction and partnership.

In my 90 day 1-1 intensive we work on these three areas.

The intensive is a great fit for single women who are familiar with dating online and sincerely seeking their forever love.

You’ll find this work especially helpful if you’ve tried therapy or other personal growth work that was helpful but didn’t give you the precise set of tools needed to attract a soulmate partnership that’s long term sustainable and fulfilling.

You will get incredible results if you’re already dating but can’t just quite figure out why it’s not working out.

My program is specifically helpful for single women who keep attracting the wrong men.

If you find yourself attracting unfulfilling relationships, playing small, settling or sacrificing then this invitation is for you.

My 1-1 intensive is the proven method to step into your full creative sovereign feminine power and call in your King from that frequency to create Sacred Partnership Love.

If you’d like to find out more about my 90 day 1-1 intensive, just send me a DM and say hi.

I will respond back with a few questions to see if it’s a good fit and if so, we can get started right away.

To forever fulfilling love for you, Emilia 🩷

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