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The grass isn’t greener in the married/in a relationship world…

The grass isn’t greener in the married/in a relationship world. Not the way most women do marriage and relationships.

The Importance of Preparing for Marriage: Shifting from Default to Intentional Partnerships

At present, you don’t need any skills, preparation, schooling or instruction to get a marriage license or a marriage.

And as a result, most women enter into a marriage without being informed, intentional or strategic.

And by strategic I simply mean marrying the RIGHT person at the RIGHT time. I am not speaking about people who marry for money, prestige or other reasons of “the flesh,” lol.

It takes more preparation and schooling to get a drivers’ license than a marriage license for F sake!

And yet nothing influences a woman’s life satisfaction and sense of personal success more than marriage.

So I came up with a solution: I propose that to get a marriage license, we prepare for marriage by going to school.

So that’s why I started husband school for feminine leaders. But it hadn’t occurred to me until now to give you a marriage license if you go to my school. But maybe I will!!!!

That way you know you’re spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically prepared for marriage. And in so being, the likelihood of your marriage being a success is much higher than without a certificate from Emilia Nagy’s husband school for feminine leaders, lol.

Who wants to be part of this grand experiment?

We need this, because here’s how marriage goes for MOST women.

You date willy-nilly. Not because you are bad people but because you don’t know what you don’t know, like all of us.

You attract a SLICE of the general population and NOT a specific SEGMENT of the population (by using my filtering method).

You date a bunch of men from your sample, you find one you like – or in many cases the one that likes YOU the most – and is the hottest, most intelligent, impressive in some way, or persistent.

But the one you like the most isn’t the healthiest one or the one that’s capable of partnering with you to create a healthy family or relationship.

It’s often the one that feels the most FAMILIAR. Oops! Result: Crappy marriage.

You married/got into a relationship with someone that was modeled after your love blueprint from your family of origin.

And then, whooptie doo, you’re married. The honey moon is over, the first year of adjusting starts and slowly you start to realize the person you married is not who you imagined he was.

And then you’re in a marriage by accident, by programming and by happenstance. You’re in a marriage by default rather than intention, clarity and purpose. Result: Crappy marriage.

Can you shift it once you’re married? Yes. But what if your partner doesn’t want to play?

Husband School for Feminine Leaders: Empowering Women to Create Purposeful, Sacred Unions

What’s the solution to a crappy marriage or a marriage to the wrong person, or both?

Go to husband school!

It’s like buying as car, lol.

You test drive a few.You have to go to driving school or at least have someone teach you how to drive to get a license.

Going to husband school is the same, you have to learn to drive your marriage (not your husband lol).

It’s very cheap and simple to get a marriage license, you don’t even have to do a test lol or go to marriage school.

So that’s why I created a husband school and I’m not sorry.

Most women need it.

Most women need to know how to date discerningly, how to understand men and how to understand themselves as women. They also need to understand how to heal from past hurts or patterns such as their family of origin patterns that bring them into relationships that feel familiar but aren’t healthy.

Basically I am here to change the marriage narrative.

No more crappy marriages!

Let’s create intentional, purposeful power partnerships that are sacred unions.

Let’s raise our children in these sacred unions.

Let’s redo this whole marriage narrative.

Let’s create our marriages with our sovereign creative power, with your clear intention and with our understanding of each other as feminine and masculine beings in human bodies.

And even though no one asks you to do a test or asks for your credentials when you get a marriage license, I challenge you dear wild woman rebel to hold that standard for yourself.


Understand that a marriage is a precious complicated thing that has the power to influence every single other aspect of your life from your career, to your physical and financial health and even the most minute of details FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

It’s not something to be afraid of but it’s also not something to take lightly.

If you’ve made past mistakes, you can absolutely heal them and create a sacred partnership moving forward.

If you had a family of origin that was abusive, neglectful or self-absorbed, trust me, without healing you WILL almost certainly attract a spouse with these characteristics because it’s what feels familiar and comfortable so it feels like love.

And even if your goal isn’t to get married, you may still want a healthy and fulfilling partnership with a masculine man that just flows, feels nourishing and is taking care of you on every level.

Society IS only as healthy as its smallest unit – which is the family. I know you’re a rebel in other aspects of your life. And you’re ambitious. You can bring a cultural change about by living your life as a testament of love.

Instead of marriage by default, marry with preparation, education and understanding. This intentional path not only leads to a fulfilling and sustainable marriage but it also leads to a better society and healthier mother earth.

So if you’re a single woman and you’d like to get a marriage license that actually prepares you for marriage, then consider doing my 90 day 1-1 intensive. In that intensive I teach you how to date, recognize patterns of origin that don’t work to create healthy relationships and heal them and how to partner with men in a way that’s nourishing to both partners, sustainable and fulfilling.

I didn’t realize that this work would be my spiritual and social activism but it is!

Welcome and I invite you to send me a DM if you’d like to be part of this intentional marriage certificate movement.

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