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The Key to Dating Successfully: A Playmate isn’t Necessarily a Partner

A PARTNER is not the same as a PLAYMATE.

Therefore dating for a partner is not the same journey as simply seeking a playmate.

Women confuse these two and I want to tell you that there is a BIG, HUGE, ENORMOUS difference in what you’re desiring and you might not be aware of it yet!

That’s because a partner can be a playmate but a playmate won’t necessarily be a partner.

Of course many of us want to have both AND here are some things to consider…

Do you want a stable, peaceful home shared with someone you like, feel good around, respect, trust and admire?

OR do you want someone to go to the movies with, go to shows with or go traveling?

Those are VERY different things.

The former can ALSO be the latter but the latter won’t necessarily turn into the former.

This is a BIG BIG BIG problem in the dating world.

That’s why I am now only going to focus on helping women who KNOW they are dating for MARRIAGE.

The dating strategies are COMPLETELY different.

Many women apply a PLAYMATE dating strategy when what they actually want is a PARTNER.

That’s why dating is so hard! Many women don’t know that there IS a BIG difference.

They date for a playmate and then suffer terribly when the playmate doesn’t have goals or aspirations of becoming a PARTNER.

Many many women don’t know that these are NOT the same person!

These are different people if you’re dating the way most women date nowdays!

You can change this from the getgo, simply by changing the kind of men you select. But most women need some skills for that that don’t come intuitively.

My specialty, gifts, skills and experience really translate to helping you connect with and marry the RIGHT partner and build lifelong marriage.

A partner can be a playmate.

But a playmate isn’t necessarily going to be a partner.

Learn to choose accordingly and KNOW the difference from the start. If you want help, that’s what I am here for! Send me a DM and ask about my Engaged in 2024 program where I take you through dating for a life partner, meeting your match and getting engaged to your dream man all by next year this time!

This is for women who WANT marriage and are currently single and dating.

Looking forward to connecting with you!

Xo Emilia

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