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The ONE Thing a Man Needs in Order to See that You’re a HIGH VALUE Woman

NOT being able to connect with and keep a relationship with a healthy masculine man has to do with this: Your value to a man is NOT what you think it is and what the world tells you it is. Being a High Value Woman is not what you think it is.

Understand this ONE thing and you will change your love life forever.

This is a very common inversion in the understanding of how the feminine brings MASSIVE, IRREPLACABLE value to a relationship.

When women are disconnected from what I call their sacred feminine power and how that brings value, they think they bring value by nurturing and mothering. This is masculine energy. This is DOING.

They are not aware that their femininity and receptivity actually nourishes a healthy masculine man, NOT their mothering. It’s their BEING.

This pattern comes from low inner self worth and this is some of the deep healing we do in my work with almost every single woman what comes into my world, because we’re so programmed by mainstream.

It also comes from not having healthy examples of what being valued for who you BE looks and FEELS like in the world, or healthy models in life.

It also comes from the constant debasing and devaluing of men and women’s sacred divine nature in the mainstream.

With this kind of pattern, women can’t have a healthy sustainable partnership with a healthy masculine man because they send those men away with the earning energy of DOING.

This energy REPELS healthy masculine men and attracts effeminate men, wounded men and narcissists.

If you think about it energetically, the earning energy of DOING is actually an ACTIVE GENERATIVE MASCULINE energy. It repels healthy masculine men because THEY want to get to be that energy in the relationship.

What’s SO COOL about this is that once women really GET this, it’s a HUGE Gamechanger.

Suddenly their relationships with men feel easy, nourishing, and honoring of their feminine nervous system because THIS energy flow is ALSO what the FEMININE requires to feel fulfilled in a relationship.

I see this over and over and over in my work and I also had this pattern due to trauma, poor family of origin modeling, low self-worth and modern models of love.

This mothering and nurturing energy is beautiful energy, so pls don’t interpret this post as me saying to put this part of yourself AWAY.

USE this energy with children, in your business, in birthing and creating projects, supporting others (not your man) such as your girlfriends or aging parents.

This nourishing mothering energy should NOT go to your healthy masculine man.

Don’t call him to ask him how he’s FEELING about a big thing coming up! He’s NOT a little boy.

What he wants to hear is more like, “I know you GOT this. I believe in you. I love how strong you are and how you show up for me and I know you’re gonna slay!”

What A HUGE difference in the energy. Can you FEEL that?

One is mothering, diminishing (I know you don’t mean it to!!!) and feels EMASCULATING to a healthy masculine man, even though it would be SO NOURISHING to a child or a girlfriend.

The other feels empowering, aggrandizing, exalting and elevating. THIS is the nourishment a masculine man needs.

If you have a lot of receptivity and femininity and you’re already receiving a lot from your man, it’s fine if once in a while you give some nourishing mothering energy. But keep it to like less than 10% of the time, LOL.

Your FEMININITY and RECEPTIVITY is what nourishes a healthy masculine man.

The ONLY way you can communicate that you’re a HIGH Value Woman to a masculine man is to be a safe space for his generative, masculine energy and his gifts.

I teach you EXACTLY how to do that in my 90 Day “Meet your Dream Guy” 1-1 intensive and my Engaged in 2024 programs!

Send me a DM and ask about them and we will have a quick chat over messenger to see which is a fit!

Love, Emilia

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