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Overcoming Misconceptions About Being Intimidating in love Relationships

Emilia Nagy addresses the misconception of being ‘too intimidating’ in relationships. Dive deep into the importance of self-awareness, authenticity.

The problem isn’t that you’re too intimidating, too rough around the edges, too old, too fat, too what the F ever.

The problem is that you believe those thoughts.


That’s it that’s all the end.

We ALL struggle with this because we are HUMAN.

There is NOTHING wrong with you for struggling and having self-defeating thoughts.

We ALL do.

But that’s what keeps us disconnected from the powerful feminine energy ALL men crave and need and can’t live without.

The work comes in clearing those thoughts because they keep you from taking ALIGNED action towards your goals.

This applies to anything and it also applies to love.

If you think that there are no good men left, then you will think it’s a waste of time to look for one, want one, desire one.

Can the universe then bring one to you if you’re not even allowing it in your realm of reality that one exists? NO.

If you think that online dating is a waste of time (which it ABSOLUTELY is if you don’t follow my proven strategy you can get for free at ) then will you be able to meet any quality men? NO.

If you think that the kind of love Claire and Jamie have in the show Outlander – which is the ONLY TV show I know of that depicts a sacred union – can the universe bring that to you? NO. Relationships Relationships

So can you see how you’re energetically blocking your own manifestation?

This is one of the things I help you with when we work together in my coaching packages.

I help you distinguish and clear and heal and release your own thoughts and beliefs that might be just so normal and common to you and you’re just so used to them that you don’t even realize they’re cock and heart and sacred union blocking you lol.

If you’re finding yourself struggling in your relationships with men; men you date, men you work with and men you’re romantically involved with and even married to, I can help!

Send me a DM if you know that some of your attitudes, experiences, thoughts and beliefs are cock blocking you.

Let’s clear that shit, it’s time for sacred union on New Earth!

XO Emilia

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