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The Sacred Role of a Wife

There is a sacred role that’s gone largely unsupported, undercelebrated and undervalued. 

And that is the role of WIFE.

Many of us didn’t grow up with moms who just reveled in their wifehood. 

Let’s just be real. We’re never gonna change the relationship landscape without being 1000% real.

I don’t remember my mom celebrating her job as wife, daughter or mother, for that matter. Do you?

I don’t remember any of my friends’ moms celebrating that role, either.

She did what she thought you were supposed to do.

She sacrificed.

She lived with her needs going unmet.

She did “marriage” much like the way you wear an apron – something useful, common, expected.

The divine role of wife has been largely neglected, underfed, and left unattended in the crowded wastebin of consumerism, BBLs and eyelash extensions.

The role has withered. Many wives are impoverished.

Their dreams uncultivated.

Their disposition forlorn.

Their sacred role diminished.

Their life wish unfulfilled.

Her heart shriveled.

Her growth stunted.

I am here to tell you you don’t have to do “WIFE” this way!

The wife in a sacred union is vital.

She is cared for, nourished, and well-fed in her soul.

She is vibrant, rich, and thriving.

She is hydrated. LOL.

She is full of LIFE and thriving.

She is enlivened, energetic and sparkling.

Why? Because her masculine man HAS HER BACK.

She is blooming, flourishing, glowing.

She is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, LOL.

She is erotic.

WIFE is a sacred role and I am not here to say that it’s what you should have been or should be.

I am just here to call the women who WANT to be a VIBRANT wife.

Who are ready to be a FULFILLED WIFE.

Who understand that there is a sacred role that’s played in a marriage to a divine masculine that’s NOT any other role.

And they realize that no one is teaching them about HOW to be fulfilled in this role.

It’s not the role of friend.

It’s not the role of sister.

It’s not the role of daughter.

It’s not the role of mother.

It’s not the role of roommate.

It’s also not the role of coach, doctor, maid, teacher, or spiritual guide (although muse is OK!)

It’s a whole NEW role.

A whole OTHER role.

You can’t BE this role any other way but to YOUR man. 

The one YOU choose to bestow this sacred service to. 

You can’t BE this role outside of a committed, monogamous


And you must know just 3 things and you must LIVE them and LIVE them well to be this VIBRANT WIFE:

1. BE whole and healed (not perfect) so you can be a present partner

2. SELECT a Healthy Masculine Man who WANTS a WIFE (many do!!!!)

3. Partner powerfully with your masculine man to create a nourishing energy flow that lasts for life

A healthy masculine man that is spiritually alive UNDERSTANDS the sacredness, pricelessness and irreplaceable value of WIFE.

You can’t BE this role continuously, in a way that is fulfilling and in a way that drips in your creativity and eros with the modern narrative on marriage.


You won’t find your way there. You will be lost.

This is why I get on my soapbox about dating for marriage should not be taught by anyone other than those who have experienced BEING a WIFE and experienced it SUCCESSFULLY.

I am going to DIE on this hill.

Magnetism is not WIFE.

Attraction is NOT WIFE.

Polarity is NOT WIFE.

Feminine Communication is NOT WIFE.


It holds SO MUCH.

MY work is to prepare you to BE that VIBRANT WIFE.

To a man that GETS what a sacred thing that is and treats you like a Queen.

A man that will cherish you for that SACRED SACRED thing you BE called WIFE.

THIS is why my clients get asked to be a girlfriend, finacee and wife!

Because when you take the time to stow the fire of feminine VITAL WIFE…


When you fan the fires of a sacred union feminine counterpart….

They come. The MEN COME.


They are not dumb.

They are NOT superficial.

They are NOT deluded.


DO the WORK and you WILL be the ONE for such a man.

He will never let you go the minute he enters your presence.


The one that he would DIE for.

I am here to awaken the fire of VIBRANT WIFE.

WIFE is sacred.

WIFE is holy.

There is NO other role on EARTH like WIFE.

It is a lifelong role that many take on without understanding what it is and what it isn’t.

It is a lifelong role many take on haphazardly, not understanding what it entails and the lifelong repercussions of taking it on consciously vs unconsciously – much like motherhood.

We’re stepping into an era where WIFE will be MORE than a wedding.

Wife will be more than a white dress.

Wife will be a sacrament.

Wife will be a life transition.

Wife will be a covenant.

I am the WIFE Midwife LOL.

I will show you the way to be born into liveng life as a fulfilled, nourished, desired, supported, blossoming, THRIVING wife.

THIS is the healthy masculine man’s most profound need. To know that he’s PROVIDING LIFE for his WIFE.

But we’ve lost this magic and I BRING IT forth now.

Emilia Matiwa Mystic Wildchild Dancing YOU Home

Yes, I am dancing YOU home..yes YOU..YOU.

And if you’re the one who was meant to read this message then DM me and ask about  my 90 day 1-1 “Meet Your Dream Man” Intensive where we will meet your Dream man and I will prepare you to be exactly THIS KIND of wife in just 90 days.

I am looking forward to meeting you!

Love, Emilia

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