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The Shocking Truth: Mens’s Brains and Women’s Brains Differ in Over 600 Ways

No, women and men are not the same. And this has nothing to do with being equal. It also doesn’t mean that men and women are incompatible – in fact, quite the opposite.

Masculine men and feminine women are complements and create synergy in partnerships when they understand and cherish their differences instead of focus on being the same or equal.

It’s shown in research after research how different our brains and instincts are. They are different in how they work, how they respond to hormone changes, how they are physically structured, and how they are expressed genetically. A recent study I read catalogued over 600 differences.

So, it’s love-life “suicide” to deny that (just as we came here to have a spiritual experience in human bodies), we didn’t consciously choose the quality or polarity of this spiritual experience by selecting either a male or female body.

I believe we choose male and female bodies for a special reason.

But it’s not a complicated reason.

We chose female human bodies if we wanted to have a woman’s experience and we chose male human bodies if we wanted to have a man’s experience.

And I believe that if we’re a woman, we’ve chosen a female body becasuse one of our deepest desires is to express the Divine Feminine in physical form.

Men choose a male body to incarnate into to express and experience the Divine Masculine in physical form.

And the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine create SYNERGY when they allow their energies to work together.

For the most part, it’s that simple.

I am speaking to generality, not the alternative expressions.

A female human experience is influenced by the female human body in many innate ways such as brain development, hormones such as estrogen impacting brain development and other hormones such as oxytocin acting in female estrogen-based bodies differently and for longer periods of time than it acts in male testosterone-based bodies.

Just a science geek fact; oxytocin breaks down in a male body before apx age 50 in 1-3 days. The same amount of oxytocin takes anywhere from 16-21 days to break down in an estrogen-based female body prior to menopause.

This means that men and women act differently as these hormones influence us tremendously.

I could give you many examples of how this plays out.

Here is one: sex. After orgasm, women will stay chemically bonded to a man much longer than a man will stay chemically bonded to a woman, simply due to the biochemistry above.

Women often berate themselves internally for this, chiding themselves for not being independent enough and being needy or being possessive.

But it’s not logical, it’s biological.

There are plenty of cultural, social, and modern factors that do influence who we become as men/women.

But there are some innate biological factors that inform our human experience because our soul is in one gender of a biochemistry in a body.

This allows us to have a sacred, tantric bond that is one of the empowering, enlivening and spiritually sustaining practices of sacred marriage.

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