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The Success and Longevity of Your Relationship is NOT Determined when Things are Easy, Comfortable, Convenient and Simple

Almost anyone can stay on a walking horse.

But when a horse spooks and runs uncontrollably or gets tripped and almost falls – that’s when the horsemanship comes in.

It’s the same in relationships.

Almost anyone can stay in a relationship that has no challenges, scares, difficulties like trips or falls.

The real relationship skills are paramount when the relationship needs the difficult or uncomfortable conversations, when the relationship comes to a transition point, when the relationship faces……. life.

And I want you to know life happens to ALL relationships.


Your ability to have a healthy and successful relationship doesn’t depend on how well you stay in the boat when the water is smooth for sailing.

Your ability to have and keep a fulfilling and successful relationship depends on your courage, willingness, faith and grit when the water gets choppy, when the storms hit, when the horse spooks and takes off, driven by instinct and fear.

And it also depends on if you SELECTED the RIGHT partner or not.

THAT’s when the success and longevity of your relationship is determined.

The success and longevity of your relationship is NOT determined when things are easy, comfortable, convenient and simple.

And that’s WHY relationships are so hard.

Because the thing is that relationships are not simple EVEN when you pretend they are.

They are simple when you know how to stay in your human spirit and in the portal of your open heart.

But when the human animal is triggered into fear, competition, scarcity, or lack of safety – that’s when we struggle.

That’s why addressing the instinct alone, like some polarity coaches do, is NOT enough to lay a foundation for a sacred union.

It’s a very important piece. We need the polarity. We need the energy to flow in a way that nourishes both partners.

But relationships are not sustainable and fulfilling if all the focus on is honoring instincts.

What’s really really cool is this is all things I teach you in my 90 day 1-1 intensive along with HOW to date and SELECT a healthy masculine man and HOW to be the feminine counterpart of a HOT and HEALTHY marriage.

We lay an extraordinary, healthy and sustainable foundation in just 90 days by focusing on three main areas for relationship longevity and success:

  1. Your healing so you have a clean slate to attract healthy love
  2. Your dating strategy so you can SELECT the right man
  3. Your ability to partner by staying in your power so you can co-create together with your man

Because LIFE still happens to ALL relationships so that’s where the real mastery comes in. This is how I’ve engineered my whole coaching program.

Women don’t know how to implement the above three things in their lives and hence continue attracting the wrong men, are too wounded to be available for partnership even if they are with the RIGHT man and/or they don’t understand how to be the feminine counterpart in a healthy partnership.

These are the EXACT pillars I engineered as the foundation for my 90 day incentive. Everything I teach you int hat program whether it has to do with dating and selecting a healthy man, healing and showing up in your empowered feminine self or learning how to be a partner is engineered from the end result: A healthy, lasting, fulfilling union where the energy flows in the partnership in a way that nourishes the masculine and the feminine being in the union.

Some times women come in and they are shocked at the level of depth we go to in order for her to truly alchemize her deepest pain, learn to sit with it and be present to it and learn not to be afraid of speaking her truth when pain occurs in life again.

It’s a tremendous tool to know how to be with our pain, ask our men for help, receive the help and then alchemize our pain.

Healthy masculine men WANT to support us and provide for us in that but if we ourselves have never been present to our pain, been allowed to express our pain or been in a position where help was sincerely offered, we won’t know how to partner with our men in the challenging parts of life. But with me, you learn how.

That’s why I always say you can’t heal your relationship patterns and wounds in bed at home alone.

You have to be IN THE ARENA. Practicing relationships. And dating is a really good way to do that. It can bring up everything and anything that is in the way of you being able to hold a truly open and available container of receptivity for your sacred union in your heart.

The good thing is that in life, everything comes down to relationships but not everyone knows HOW to do relationships, and few people know how to do them well.

I was that person for many years because that was the model I got from my family of origin and from my country when it was overtaken by communism.

For example, one thing that can never work in a relationship that’s anything more than an acquaintance (so friendships, boss-employee relationships/kids/romantic partner/family) is not communicating the TRUTH.

Many people who don’t have relationship skills – and this is many of us – erroneously think that we can just move on when a difficult thing happens if we just sweep it under the rug and pretend it didn’t happen.

This never works. This never works. I repeat this never works. I have seen this over and over in relationships and down the line these are the kinds of things that often end up being the reason a relationship disintegrates.

It sounds silly when I write this out but you’d be surprised how many adults still deal with difficulties this way.

Not because they are doing it on purpose but because that’s all they know.

That was the modeling given to them in their family of origin and so that’s what they DO.

Knowing how to speak your truth in a way that is heart-centered, respectful and honoring is a very important skill.

Send me a DM if this resonates with you and if you’d like to explore working together. I will respond with a few questions and we will have a quick chat over messenger to connect and if we’re aligned we can get started right away.

Love, Emilia

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