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The Surprising Reason You’re Not Meeting Men Who Lead

You want a man that LEADS, right?

But you’re wondering where all the conscious masculine men who LEAD are because healthy masculine provision isn’t OBVIOUS to most modern women.

It’s something we DO NOT know how to recognize the subtleties of and the result is that we actually….

DO NOT KNOW when a man is leading….and even worse…

We DO NOT let men lead.

Then we complain that they’re not LEADING. But we’re blind to it almost entirely when they ARE leading.

This gets amplified if we’re energetically showing up in control, large and in charge, independent, competent and with “I’ve got this,” vibes wafting.

I am not saying we need to be a damsel in distress to get a man’s provision in the form of leadership. Not at all.

There is a bit of a recalibration here, a finesse required that many spiritual women don’t have a FELT sense of.

This is for many many reasons that are NOT a woman’s fault; mainly our modern culture, the spiritual, psychological and emotional destitution of modern mainstream relationship messages and the deranged models of relationships we see.

Have no fear, Emilia is here, let me break it down, sis.

A healthy man doesn’t want to overstep.

He doesn’t want to cross boundaries. 

That’s why you might hear polarity coaches talk about how you don’t need boundaries with a masculine man. 

It’s not that you don’t need boundaries, it’s that healthy masculine men are focused on taking as BEST care of you as they can. 

And so a boundary is stark clarity that you’re NOT receptive to his masculine provision. 

It’s actually hurtful to the masculine soul when a woman shows up with boundaries.

He’s honestly trying to take CARE of every. single. hair. on your head.

He NEVER wants to make ANY woman uncomfortable in ANY way.

His masculine energy is subtle care.

Now here’s the thing……

We feminines do NOT do subtle care.

Most of us do over the top OMG are you Ok let me carry you from here, how are you feeling, what do you need I will get it ASAP care.

And even intrusive overbearing care. Like, if we have a BIG outrageous response to our girlfriends’ problems, we’ve shown CARE.

We even think of intrusive care as helpful. Like if we bring over a casserole uninvited if we know she’s in trouble, we’ve shown CARE.

So we think that when a man is leading aka taking care of us, it will be OBVIOUS.

But it’s not obvious because men are not beings who like to engage in a thing called “stating the obvious.”

That’s because their instinct is to conceal, not reveal.

They’re not concealing to HIDE something from US, they’re just not revealing what a woman would reveal in an effort to connect.

That’s because their instinct to conceal has to do with the warrior and hunter in them. A warrior isn’t trying to connect with the other fighters in his squad, he’s teaming up in ACTION by what he DOES.

A man part of a hunting party isn’t emoting loudly over a dear nearby and telling all his guys loudly, LOL he’s just signaling with his hand, quietly.

Warriors conceal war strategies.

Hunters conceal hunting plans.

That way they have the best chance of WINNING because no one can mess up their plan because no one knows about it, LOL.

They won’t say, “I am taking care of you.” They will just do it and if you receive it, they will do it more and if you don’t receive it they will do it less. 

And if you continue not receiving it they will go AWAY because they will see that their contribution doesn’t have a home within you.

This is because men’s love is ACTIVE and women’s love is PROFESSIVE.

Men’s love in NOT professive.

I see this underlying pattern in so many feminine leaders’ lives at the moment, dating.

When he asks, where do you want to meet? He MEANS:

Where do you WANT to meet?

He means…what do YOU desire? What location do you fancy?

He means, “I am a Knight at the Queen’s service, what would please the Queen?”

He means, “I am at your complete disposal, my Queen. What is your wish?”

Only when we’re IN our body can we SENSE if a healthy masculine man is generating energy in our direction. 

It feels like care. 

It feels like being tended to. 

It feels like being looked out for. 

It’s very subtle. 

It’s not the same as when a woman cares for us. 

A woman will care for us in a very mothering way. 

It can sometimes be intrusive, over the top emotional worry about if we’re OK and overbearing.

A healthy masculine man quietly hands you the thing you need and gets out of your way to do the thing you need to do for yourself, especially if you’ve let him know what that is. It’s subtle, sacred and sublime.

So if you’re ready for THAT kind of man and you’re seeing in here a few clues about what your part in that might be then I invite you to send me a DM and ask about my 90 day intensive.

In that intensive we work on creating an open heart for a man’s provision and gifts to be received, meeting 1-2 men a week that are healthy, masculine and ready for a relationship (I help you find them!) and partnering powerfully in a way that keeps the energy flow sacred and nourishing in your union.

My clients meet their dream man in an average of 7 to 10 dates and in our work together we lay a foundation for lasting love.

If this resonates with you, I invite you to send me a DM and ask about working together and pls let me know your age, city and if you’re currently dating. I will ask you a few more questions to see if we’re a fit and if so we can get started right away and you can be falling asleep in the arms of your dream man by the end of 2024!

BIG LOVE! Emilia

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