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there is a HUUUUGE difference between surrendering to your man in love…

There is a HUUUUGE difference between surrender to your man because you TRUST him, his heart and his leadership…

VS OBEYING him because you want him to like you, commit to you, choose you, fall in love with you, you want him to think you’re easy to please, or you’re afraid he will leave if you don’t do what you think he wants, etc.

The trust and surrender lays the foundation for a divine union. The obeying is you manipulating him with your people-pleasing and fawning behavior.

The trust is 5D love, the obeying is 3D manipulated and misinformed mainstream ideology about how to do relationships, marriage and love.

And yes, a healthy masculine man can TELL the difference between the two.

And no, he doesn’t WANT your placation, he wants your participation.

Obeying is giving up power, surrender is receiving leadership while maintaining your sovereignty.

And the ONE thing that a man most needs from a woman is her receptivity.

And no, he doesn’t want you to obey, he wants you in your power.

There is no receptivity, partnership or interdependence possible if you simply comply.

A healthy masculine man knows this.

An unhealthy masculine man is controlling and wants to obliterate your identity for his ego. Or worse – he is a narcissist who wants to feed on your energy.

A mainstream relationship – due to social programming and instinct – is all about giving up your power to please and appease. Both men and women receive this programming – that they cannot be in their full power AND be loved.

But you divine feminine leaders are no longer doing that, right?

A sovereign synergistic sacred union is only possible when both partners are in their FULL power and occupying their authentic CORE polarity.

If you receive leadership with trust and surrender (from a HEALTHY masculine man’s activated HEART), you’re being the feminine counterpart a masculine man needs.

You never have to surrender to anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

And a healthy masculine man CARES how you feel and RESPONDS to your needs.

An unhealthy man expects you to comply.

And unhealthy patterns tell you to comply.

Or you comply because that’s what was modeled to you in your family of origin.

Or you comply because it’s easier than staying in your power.

Or you comply because you don’t know how to co-create.

And that’s the problem with obeying.

Because when you obey, you disown your own feelings, needs and requirements.

When you’re obeying, you’re not participating. You’re not THERE.

You’re just collapsing your space, sacrificing your needs, compromising for “the good of the relationship,” settling for less than you need, to be your fully expressed self and playing small.

And when you don’t get what you need, you can’t be fully expressed.

So many feminine leaders carry this pattern. You show up in love much smaller than you show up as in your life outside of men.

Most of you do this due to unaddressed mainstream programmed behavior based on fear and the idea that men and women are adversaries and not complements that need and nourish each other.

A healthy masculine man NEEDS your full TRUST. He will NOT stay if he senses that you’re merely obeying his orders without actually TRUSTING his leadership.

How do you solve this?

One: Do whatever you need to do to be in a place where you know that you can SELECT a healthy masculine man, first of all.

Because of course if you’re with an unhealthy man you should NOT trust his leadership.

So the first part is understanding what a healthy man is.

The second part is understanding what healthy MASCULINITY is.

Then when you find a man whose masculinity is INTACT and healthy, you need to take the time to get to know him and build trust over time by allowing him to show you who he is through his gifts = his actions.

You must allow him to generate the energy of the connection (by driving to see you, asking you out for dinner, paying for your dinner, etc), receive it and then reciprocate the energy back to him.

It doesn’t take years but it does take time to establish this healthy energy flow configuration of powerful polarity that ignites the chemistry of the fire of forever.

The best way to start this process is to date by filtering for HEALTHY MASCULINE MEN.

I teach you exactly how to do that in this thing I wrote called “How to Pick the Right Guy” checklist and you can get it here

Society teaches us, especially as young women and female children to be small, unseen, unheard, and unremarkable. But that’s the programming to forever leave behind!

And you can! And I can help! In my 90 day 1-1 intensive I help women date in a way that or healthy masculine men. We work on healing any wounds or programming that’s keeping you from claiming your wild authentic sacred feminine power. And we work on how to partner with the masculine energy in men to create an energy flow within the relationship that nourishes you and your partner forever.

If you’d like to create that in the next 3-6 months then I invite you to send me a DM and ask about the intensive. I will respond back with a few questions to see if we’re a fit and if so, we can get started right away.

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