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Nourishing Love: Unlocking the Secrets to a Sustainable Relationship

There is no reason for a relationship to end if BOTH partners are nourished by it.


Without that, you will never have a truly successful marriage where the partners are both fulfilled and there is absolutely no reason for things to end because it WORKS and it’s HOTT.

You might end up in a so-so marriage that mosies along at an unremarkable pace to an unremarkable destination.

You might end up in a marriage that doesn’t move at all and stays stuck at the same argument over and over.

You might end up in a marriage to an unhealthy man, or a man that isn’t masculine core energy, or a man that’s not actually emotionally available.

You’ve probably already visited these options in your previous relationships.

And if you’re done with that and you want the real deal…..

Like one of my amazing clients recently said, “I’d rather know I am the problem because then I can fix it.”

You ARE the problem but it’s not your fault.

I know that’s an oxymoron but hear (read) me out.

It’s not your fault because we live in a society that intentionally masculinizes women and emasculates men.

It’s not your fault because whatever school you spent the first 18+ or so years of your life learning from, didn’t teach you this.

It’s not your fault because you most likely didn’t have the modeling of healthy fulfilling and sustainable marriage from your family of origin.

If you’re normal, your parents grew up with at least the two of the disfunctions I listed above.

And there was even LESS that they could do about it because they didn’t have internet, people like me doing what we do, anyone to model a healthy successful thriving sacred union to them, and no reading material that depicted it either.

Sacred union is our birthright and yet the way most of us relate to it is as if it’s a figment of our imagination or a long lost memory from lifetimes past.

Harmonious physical and mental health is our birth right yet I know I am guilty of buying, believing and behaving according to mainstream ideas about disease.

Abundance is our birth right and yet many of us relate to THAT as if it’s just a pipe dream.

My hubby recently brought home all the beets that grew on our land and there were SO MANY. I could make 1000 soups.

Abundance is nature. We had so many cherries. SO many plums, so many peaches. Abundance is the way the natural world works if we cultivate it and take care of it.

It’s the same with LOVE. Love IS our nature.

So then why is LOVE so hard?

Healthy loving relationships are grown because it is the way human nature WORKS, if we but cultivate and nourish them.

But most of us have NO CLUE how to do that for the reasons I listed above: social, cultural, and family programming. Why this programming exists is the subject of another post.

My post here is to remind you what the cost of not changing and healing this, is.

The cost is this: You will never be happy. I am so sorry.

AND!!!! You don’t have to go down that road!!! You can simply learn what nourishes masculine and feminine people in a relationship and then create that for your relationship.

If you want my help, this is EXACTLY what I help you learn and embody (because you know it’s one thing knowing something and it’s a whole other thing applying it) in my 90 day 1-1 intensive.

If you want help with this, simply send me a PM and ask about my intensive and I will reply back with a few questions. We will have a quick chat over messenger to see if we’re a fit to work together and if so, we can get started right away.

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