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There’s NOTHING You Have to DO on a Date

If you’re single and don’t wanna be but you’re avoiding dating because you just don’t know what to do..

There is almost nothing that YOU need to DO if you’re a feminine woman desiring a masculine man.

Clients ask me, “Emilia what do I DO on a date? What do I SAY? I’ve never really done the dating thing.”

So you’re NOT alone, and here’s my answer:



You don’t’ have to say anything.

You don’t have to DO anything.

Just show up after you’ve allowed yourself some time to reset into your feminine energy after work.

And LET him lead.

HE gets to solve the problem of what to DO on the date.

If he’s a healthy masculine man (he WILL be if you followed my method at to select him) he will WANT to GET to solve that problem.

Let me repeat that.

He will WANT to..

GET to..


Furthermore, SOLVING the “what to do on a date” problem will generate DOPAMINE in his masculine human vessel due to how the masculine brain and body is biochemically wired.

And he will produce FEEL GOOD chemicals to GET to SOLVE that problem for YOU!!

And if you just LET him…

And RECEIVE and THANK him…

He will be nourished and FED and WANT TO DO IT AGAIN from both a spiritual and biochemical point of view.
Don’t take that on, because in a feminine body, this produces cortisol and adrenaline which does NOT serve you.

Yes, my degree is in biochemistry.

Yes I am a nerd. A very spiritual nerd that LOVES sacred union and is SO passionate about teaching women the lost delicious simplicity of it all.

So you don’t have to SOLVE that problem…the problem of what to DO on the date and what to SAY if isn’t actually YOUR problem lol – especially if you’ve selected a healthy masculine man to go on a date with.

This is exactly what I teach you to do in my method here or you can DM me and ask about my Everything Dating program starting THIS Thursday October 12th where we will cover this and all other important aspects of dating as a feminine woman.

That way you can date in a way that nourishes you and saves you energy, time and stress.

And it’s FUN. Like really really really fun.

So don’t DO anything. LOL….

You just follow his lead.

What does that look like?

Let him GENERATE the conversation.

You don’t have to entertain him.

You don’t have to coddle him.

You don’t have to caretake him.

And please don’t interview him.

You don’t have to be a breath-taking conversationalist.

You just have to LET him generate and then YOU receive and reciprocate.

It often floors me how easy these things are and how complicated we’ve made them in our modern society and how complicated they are made FOR us by certain powers that don’t want us in our power or in sacred unions.

He asks you where you went for school….

SHARE anything you want to share. And ask him the same question, “You?”

He asks you about your kids….

Tell him all the quirky things that you are proud of and then ask him the same, “you?”

No he’s not testing you.

No he’s not seeing if you meet his qualifications.

You’re not in a competition or an audition or an interview. Not if he’s a healthy masculine man.

I know it’s so hard to believe this, but it’s your survival brain that’s telling you that and perhaps past trauma which we can heal when it shows up in this context. I help you do that in my 90 day 1-1 intensive which is for strong spiritual women who want to open their sacred generous heart to their soulmate ASAP.

In that intensive we work on healing, dating and partnering so that you can meet your guy AND lay the foundation for a fulfilling union that lasts.

Back to the date……think of it like you’re holding court.

Like a Queen. She opens her court and hears from her people, suitors, kings, etc.

They come to seek HER energy and wisdom. She’s not performing, earning or doing. She is just holding court.

So you meet him for a date. You’re holding court because please don’t hold court in your house until you’re ready to be exclusive with him LOL because if you hold court in your house you will end up having sex and that will prematurely bond you to him without you first knowing if he’s healthy, masculine and ready.

So, you meet him outside of your court/home but you’re still holding court.

You’ve allowed him access to your time, presence and energy.

And this isn’t like a snobby thing. This is a “you’re a feminine being and he’s getting to revel in that energy” kind of thing.

Healthy masculine men refer to being with a feminine woman as plugging into the Universe.

Plugging into the UNIVERSE? Who wouldn’t want THAT?!

SO you’re allowing him, with your graciousness, to have that spiritual experience.

And if you LET him generate and you RECEIVE and RECIPROCATE, then YOU will have an amazing and even spiritual experience too.

A fun date, a beautiful energy exchange and a delicious time.

If you want help dating in a nourishing and deeply enjoyable way then I invite you to join my Everything Dating program starting on October 12th!

In that program you get unlimited messenger/voxer/whatsapp access to me and you get my eyes, heart, experience, knowledge and wisdom on your love life.

In just a few short weeks you will be loving dating and you will not want it to end and then it suddenly will because you will meet an amazing masculine man looking for a partner.

I am looking forward to having you! All the women that followed my method when I ran this program earlier this year met their guy in just 3-5 dates.

You can, too!

XO, Emilia

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