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Unlocking Love: The Key to Empathic Wild Women Ending Solitude

There’s ONE main thing that keeps empathic wild women alone or settling in less-than optimal and even dysfunctional relationships: you’re afraid to date and “start all over again.”


You think dating is a beast – difficult, energy-draining and pointless. You dread getting dick picks and meeting wierdos and you’re honestly afraid for your physical safety.

And you’re RIGHT. 100000%

But ALL of those things can be mitigated if not entirely avoided.

Unveiling a Checklist for Quick, Nourishing, and Safe Connections

What if I told you dating can be SUPER DUPER easy, nourishing and SAFE and you can be done pretty quickly if you follow this checklist I created for single feminine women who don’t want to date but don’t want to be single either lol

I met my hubby after I finally figured this out within 3 weeks.

My clients meet their match using this EXACT strategy. Some do it in as quickly as 10 dates because they really trust me LOL and follow the checklist religiously lol and for others it takes a little longer; like 3-6 months at a rate of 1-2 dates per week and occasionally up to apx 12 months.

But my point is – the closer you follow this checklist and practice what I am sharing in it (and go on 1-2 dates a week following THIS strategy), you WILL meet your person much faster and more easily than without it.

That’s why I created this checklist. I want to save you the 500 dates I went on and all the drama I went through to meet my awesome hubs.


Because the healthy masculine quality men are exactly where all the wierdos are and all you have to do is follow the checklist because it teaches you how to TELL them apart early.

So you get a few dick pics, click delete and NEXT.

Don’t cry about it or let it knock the wind out of you.

And if you DO find yourself having that reaction to following the dating strategy that’s proven to work I am giving you for FREE here, then you might want to consider getting some additional help to move through whatever healing needs to happen for you to apply the tools without getting triggered.

I do this in my 90 day 1-1 intensive and feel free to send me a PM and ask me about it if you want help meeting your man in the next 3-6 months.

Getting triggered and wanting to give up is normal but it’s not permanent.

This is the strategy that not only allows you to meet high quality healthy masculine men if you follow it but it also allows you to SEE whatever is in your way to real partnership and long-lasting love.

The triggers are telling you what you need to heal.

Why? Because if you freak out at a dick pic and get triggered and want to give up over that – frankly you’re NOT strong enough for powerful partnership.

Because one little thing might not go your way and you will become triggered and threaten breaking up or divorce and worse you could hurt or emasculate the man you love irreparably.

And healthy masculine men don’t want a damsel, they’re looking for a QUEEN. You might be a QUEEN in other parts of your life, but you’re not being the QUEEN in your relationships with men.

That’s why I say dating is your dojo.

Yes, some of you might accidentally meet your person without dating but this isn’t common.

If you’re willing to brave the real world and DATE SAFELY, INTENTIONALLY and with CLARITY, you will CERTAINLY meet your person, FAST.

And if you feel empowered in the dating journey and you know you can date and find a high quality man that you feel good around, respect and admire then WHY TF would you stay with anyone who is NOT meeting you fully?

You don’t just have to BELIEVE there is better out there, you know you can physically take the actions that you need to take to connect with him.

Look, no one is a dating expert (unless you’re a master because you were once a total disaster, like me) but just like with anything in life – there ARE things that work and there are things that DON’T.

I happen to know what works when it comes to DATING. Because I failed at it for so long. LOL.

All I wanted was to meet my soulmate. I decided that he’d be a healthy masculine man who is emotionally available. I didn’t know about sacred partnership, I didn’t know about all the magic that’s possible for us witchy fairy wild women when we’re in sacred union.

But I overshot my goal and instead of just simply meeting a healthy masculine man, I actually met my twin flame and divine masculine counterpart. empathic empathic empathic

But ya’ll, I would NOT have had the skills to partner with him and RECIEVE him had I not gone through the dating journey and learned all the things I needed to learn about myself, about men and about partnership.

And I know that’s not every woman’s journey but if you’re ready for sacred union, then trust me, dating is your FRIEND.

Because it will show you EXACTLY who you are being and challenge you to show up as the QUEEN version of yourself….. and you will see that when you show up as the Queen version of yourself, the men around you magically transform. empathic empathic

That’s because women ISNSPIRE MEN and healthy masculine men RESPOND to women. How will you use this power if you don’t know you have it and you wield it irresponsibly?

I created it, tested it in my own life and then in the lives of my clients who MET THEIR PERSON and I have to tell you in the last 7 yrs I’ve been teaching this work I have NOT changed much about the checklist because it WORKS.

You can get it here

And if you want my help attracting Mr. Right through dating, healing form heartbreak, unworthiness and showing up as a QUEEN with the men in your life, then consider joining my 90 day 1-1 intensive. That’s where I walk you through applying this strategy 1-1 and help you heal anything that’s in the way of creating your powerful soul union with your KING.

Just send me a PM on FB and ask me about it. I will respond with a few questions to see if we’re a good fit and if so, we can get started right away.

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