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This is What it Looks Like When Generational Cycles are Broken

This is what it looks like when Generational Cycles are Broken.

This is a photo of my client Alison’s 12 yr old son & Alison’s soon-to-be fiancée.

This young man grew up with a father who emotionally and psychologically abused his mother, Alison.

My sweet feminine-leader-heart client Alison was raised by a father who was a prominent, popular and well-loved member of the community and yet he was a covert narcissist who emotionally and psychologically abused his children.

Alison was taught by her father that she is expected to serve men, even if it cost her innocence, safety, comfort or honor. Narcissists are people who are willing to meet their needs at anyone’s expense – even a child’s – without remorse.

Because Alison’s love blueprint was “you must sacrifice and serve men, even if they abuse you,” she attracted the same pattern with her x-husband and father of her two children.

He was a narcissist who put her down, made her solely financially, psychologically and emotionally responsible for the wellbeing of the home and expected her to sacrifice, compromise and settle in every way.

But Alison was brave and strong with a big faith and she left that man and went through the trenches of parallel parenting with a narcissist.

When Alison started working with me, she didn’t know that a different kind of relationship was possible with men but she had faith that I was for real and she decided to trust me LOL.

And more importantly, she decided to trust God that He, in His infinite wisdom, creativity and intelligence meant more for Holy Matrimony than she had ever seen or felt or thought possible.

She had never met a single healthy masculine man in her life.

She was presently the focus of a wealthy man who also used her to mother him but wasn’t a healthy masculine man and she knew she needed help to heal and move through that situation.

She felt uncomfortable dating him but she didn’t know if better was possible.

When we first started working together and she started dating online, we were meeting the wrong men.

We realized she wasn’t ready to date that wat yet, so we took a pause and did a few weeks of healing sessions.

As soon as we completed that and she got back online and followed my dating method, after one or 2 dates, she met Mike.

Mike was most definitely her 1st or 2nd date in the second sprint, and something like her 6th or 7th date since beginning to work with me.

We needed to go through some hoops but we could NOT have gotten there without dating and meeting Mike.

He was the one that brought the possibility of things going a different way, to the table.

He was the relationship where Alison could try on new ways of being so that she could rewrite her blueprint for love.

This was awkward and it was stop and go for a bit as she practiced running the energy in her body in a new way when it came to men.

Mike made it safe for her. But she didn’t feel safe yet.

He was a healthy masculine man ready for a relationship and he saw Alison’s feminine leader heart, and he LOVED her. He wanted to protect her. He wanted to provide for her.

There was a terror in Allison when this happened.

She was terrified to trust him.

She was terrified that he really wanted the best for her.

She was doubting that he meant what he said.

She once asked me if he was love-bombing her.

She was worried he was only in it to get what he wanted and then leave.

She struggled opening her heart.

She struggled believing that healing, restoration and a new life was possible for her.

But she SHOWED TF up to our sessions.

I coached her on having the real, vulnerable and raw conversations with him. He was in for it.

She did the work. And again. She tripped and fell and came back to our sessions for more support.

She called on God, on her faith and on her resilience and perseverance.

She leaned on me. I HAD her, Jason HAD her, God HAD her, as she was learning this new way of sacred union energetics.

She chose to believe in the possibility that this man has GOT her.

It didn’t mean she didn’t test it more than once.

But she did her work.

And now here she is, about to be engaged within 12 months of starting our work. Mike already has a ring.

To her dream man.

She trusts him 10/10.

He was allowed to prove to her that he was there for the hard conversations.

He stuck by her when she felt wild and raw and tears didn’t stop.

I stuck by both of them, holding the portal of sacred union open when Alison doubted him and let her thoughts about his circumstances (he lived 2 hrs away) override the appreciation she had for his depth of qualities.

YOU can do this too. I can show you the way.

We knew when everything shifted for her and the path was clear.

It was when Mike was getting in the car when she picked him up at the airport and Alison’s 12 yr old son (in the photo here) was the “man of the house” sitting in the front seat.

Alison asked him to move to the back with his 9 yr old sister. The back, where the children sit. He didn’t have to drive anymore. He didn’t have to protect and provide as all sons do, for their mothers.

He could go back to his childhood. The King was home.

The tension was palpable.

Could a REAL GROWN man really take his seat as man of the house and gift him back his childhood?

There was a pregnant pause, you could hear a pin drop in that moment, eternity was visible. We cried when Alison shared this with me in session.

And her 12 yr old son moved to the back.

Later, “I like Jason” he said to his mom. He should come around more.

And that was that. Childhood restored.

Generational curses broken.

Ancestral lines healed.

Future generations liberated.

Timelines swapped.

Lives transformed. Forever.

You can do this too.

I am here when you’re ready. Just send a DM and mention this post.

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