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Reclaiming Sacred Union: Feminine Power in Modern Love

The reason men keep disappointing you isn’t due to their flaws, but because you’re unfamiliar with the feminine energetics of enduring, healthy love.

And it’s not your fault AT ALL! Healthy masculine men want to give SO MUCH to us.

That’s why RECEPTIVITY is your superpower if you want conscious, connected love.

But most women don’t know this.

They squirm about this.

They fight it.

The Dance of Masculine Giving and Feminine Receptivity

Men’s giving can be so overwhelming – when we’re used to the world telling us that we have to do it alone, when we had an abusive father or an unhealthy father or no father – that we actually start to wonder if a man is codependent when he chooses us and starts to pour himself into us.

And it’s because if a WOMAN were to give that much to us, it SURE WOULD be codependency.

But it’s SO important to remember that we’re not dealing with a woman.

We’re not dealing with the feminine energy.

We’re dealing with the divine masculine energy as it’s expressed through a real live, human, masculine man.

His body was made to conduct this energy from heaven and bless women, children and the elderly with it.

His body was made strong so he could build, protect, provide, take care of his woman, his children, his community.

His heart was built as a conduit of God’s love.

Challenging Modern Perceptions: The Feminine’s Power in Relationships

I got goose bumps writing this.

I love men.

I love the masculine.

I hate modern culture’s emasculation of men.

I hate distorted narratives that women and men are the same.

We are not the same. Our brains are different in over 160 ways.

Woman has the receptacle, the womb, physically and energetically.

Man has the organ for giving. 🙂

Form follows function.

Woman was made to hold man’s raw gifts (energy, money, healing, sperm) and turn them into new LIFE!!!!!


I am here to tell you that if you’re a feminine woman, it doesn’t matter how rich you are, it doesn’t matter if you can pay your masseuse to come every day, it doesn’t matter if you have a spiritual business that lights you up heart, mind and soul, because if you don’t ALIGN with your true feminine power as the receptive sacred feminine, you’ll NOT be able to create sacred union with your man.

You WON’T feel met by him.

You WON’T feel that you two are on the same page.

You WON’T have sacred union if you don’t RECIEVE from him on every level.

Even if you already think you have everything, you don’t if you can’t receive from him.

And many women fail over and over at selecting the right partner, learning about masculinity, the divine masculine and the how to have a successful marriage because of this.

This is why in many ways I can comment that looked at from this perspective, feminism actually doesn’t help in the empowerment of women if it cuts them off from receiving men’s gifts.

The Road to Sacred Union: Embracing and Honoring Our Natural Energies

Can you see it?

It was a movement of shutting women off from receiving from men. How is this helpful?

It was a movement to divide and conquer.

It was a movement to tear apart divine feminine and divine masculine.

It was a movement to obscure from the hearts and minds of society any semblance of what sacred union IS.

And it worked.

Women are empowered and fulfilled in many areas such as career, owning their voice, reproductive choices, holding positions of authority, but remain largely UNfulfilled and therefore feel dis-empowered in love.

I recently wrote a post about how the dis-empowered feminine shows up in our relationships with men, even though we’ve gained power in so many other seemingly important ways.

Hm, I wonder why we don’t learn this in school.

We spend 13 yrs learning math, geography and manipulated history, but nothing about relationships and how to make them work.

(Nothing about money and HOW to make it either, we had to get that knowledge completely on our own, didn’t we?)

Well, it’s the same with relationships.

You gotta be a bit of a relationship rebel if you don’t want your relationship or marriage to be a soap opera.

We all have ups and downs.

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional – well the same in relationships.

Shit happens, drama is discretionary. LOL

Relationships are a fundamental part of life.

Who wants to live without love, or sex, or MEN?

I don’t!!! Life would be so unfulfilling.

So I figured out this energetics thing and have been happily (not perfectly) married for 10 yrs!!!!!

I help other women figure it out, too! It took a lot of trial, error and heartache but it was 10000% worth it and I would do it all over again.

Start by asking yourself these questions:

  • How is women’s empowerment women’s empowerment if we can’t even create sustainable fulfilling and nurturing relationships with men?
  • How is women’s empowerment women’s empowerment when we meet a healthy masculine man who wants to lavish us with his gifts, we are afraid, shut down, want to remain independent and wonder if he’s codependent?

I think of the men in my circle.

They provide for their families, they lead in our church, they shelter and care for their wives and children, they start businesses that employ many others (men and women), they take care of the community spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally, financially.

HOW is this a BAD thing?

In my church women and men sit at separate sides of the church. I remember when I trained in my native American healing, when we did ceremony, we did separate lodges for men and women too.

It was SO deeply nourishing to HONOR the way Source energy flows DIFFERENTLY through men and women’s bodies – by divine design.

I believe all feminine core women are longing and deeply craving the divine masculine as he NATURALLY is.

But society hasn’t given us the path and skills to fully receive him, the eyes to see him and the ability to powerfully partner with him.

That’s why I do this work.

That’s why I show up day after day, writing these posts, coaching my clients, making videos, changing the fiber of society one woman at a time.

It’s my mission on Earth as a Starseed and I am honored to do it.

Because it’s this re-emerging of sacred union that will usher in the New Earth.

We CANNOT create new earth without sacred union.

Join the movement. Get rebellious. Go against the grain. It’s time!

And if you want my help, just send me a dm and say hi! This is ALL the healing and reprogramming we do in my 90 day 1-1 intensive, so you can create a relationship so connected, you’re on the same page on every level. fir LIFE.

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