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UNcommodify Yourself and Find True Love Online

There IS a way to tap into the time and energy-saving power of dating apps without feeling devalued, commodified and objectified.

I completely understand this and I have experienced this personally as a dater and professionally working with clients internationally over the last 10 yrs.

But you can UNcommodify yourself, LOL, by simply staying focused on why you’re there and where you’re going when you take that road.

That’s exactly what I teach.

There are usually mental, emotional and spiritual layers to this and this is a common problem!

On the intellectual plane, some women perceive that apps are below them or for hook up culture.

This is true.

There absolutely ARE people who use dating apps for those reasons.

There is definitely a stigma that if you’re on a dating app you’re a desperate hoe LOL and the logical consequence of that kind of thinking is that naturally, there would be no decent man there.

This is a normal way some women (and men) think.

However it’s false LOL.

I can tell you this with complete confidence as per my 20 years of experience with dating apps.

I offer this analogy.

If you walk down a busy city street and you’re dressed up nice, you’ve got nice shoes and you’ve got an appointment at a prestigious office downtown, what could happen?

It could happen that on the way to your professional office appointment, you run into drunks, homeless beggars and maybe even get cat called by the construction workers nearby.

But does that then make you a hoe because you’re walking down a city street? NO.

Does that then mean you’re LOOKING for these devaluing experiences because you chose to walk down the street to get to your appointment? NO.

Does that then mean that there are no well-dressed, gainfully employed, respectable gentlemen ALSO walking on that street? NO.

Because just like you, they’re walking on that street for a REASON.

They want to get somewhere.

Maybe he’s going to get a coffee at the downstairs coffee shop from his office.

Maybe he’s on his way to a business lunch.

The point is there will be “low life” and “high life” people on the street.

It’s exactly the same with dating apps because dating apps are just a slice of life.

There are the deplorable men there and there are also the successful, respectable, kind and healthy masculine men (I didn’t say perfect!) also looking for a mate.

Here is another analogy.

Dating apps are like money.

They are not good.

They are not bad.

It’s HOW you USE them that determines their functionality, value and effectiveness.

That is why the whole premise of almost everything I teach is learning to SELECT. Online and OFFline, you STILL need to SELECT.

Dating apps are just a slice of life – you need to learn to be a discerning dater. And not just online!

Learning to be a discerning dater on a dating app also translates to being a discerning dater in real life.

Because all we really use the apps for – if you’re dating discerningly for marriage – is introductions.

And that brings me to the 3rd point in the mental/intellectual/logical layer of this discussion: It actually does NOT matter where the introduction comes from.

You STILL have to SELECT.

You could get an introduction to a man who seems like he has his life together when you got introduced to him by a good friend, but actually he’s very unhealthy and toxic.

So the point is – you, my dear wild feminine woman seeking sincere sacred love – need to learn to SELECT.

The source of the introduction does NOT determine the quality of the introducee.

Now there are two more layers – the emotional and the spiritual. I am going to describe them briefly here.

The emotional layer has to do with our wounds, our understanding of men, your blueprint for love (that all of us get from our family of origin).

It has to do with areas where we may still need to forgive another or ourselves.

It has to do with our ability and willingness to release ideas that don’t serve in the manifestation of our goal – such as the ideas I wrote about above.

All of this is the emotional plane. And it affects our ability to attract healthy love because even if we’re doing everything right as per the selection process I teach, we may STILL find ourselves UNABLE to implement it ENERGETICALLY.

For example, we may get a feeling of “home” with a man who is unavailable because that was our childhood experience of family and even though this is painful, it’s still what’s familiar and comfortable so subconsciously we’re attracted to this until we heal it emotionally. And I help so many women re-create this blueprint and attract hot healthy love!

The spiritual domain has to do with understanding that yes, there is a practical, material connection that is required between feminine and masculine for a relationship to work and for both partners to be fulfilled.

But there is also a spiritual. As in ENERGY flow. You need BOTH.

In the spiritual realm, the energy must flow from the masculine, to the feminine.

The energy must be received, accepted and reciprocated by the feminine.

Reciprocated is not the same as compensated for, paid for, purchased.

One is the realm of transactional, the other is the realm of reciprocal.

Many many women get this confused and they are unable to receive because they don’t feel worthy of love which also takes us back to my emotional healing point above.

These are the 3 layers we address in my 90 day 1 – on – 1 intensive.

Not all women need all 3 layers but when you address your love life from these 3 layers, magic absolutely happens.

Most of my clients meet their guy in the 3 months of working together at a rate of 1-2 dates a week.

You can too!!! Send me a DM if this resonates and you want help! We will have a quick chat over messenger to see if it’s a fit and if so, we can get started right away.

Love, Emilia

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