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Healing Relationship: From Masculinized to Authentic Feminin

If you’re feeling drained and exhausted, resentful or unmet in your relationship dynamics with your man or while dating, there are only two reasons for this.

  1. You’re not selecting healthy masculine men because you don’t know what that energetic FEELS like
  2. You’re not connected to source in areas where you have wounds and so you’re attracting the same

Healthy masculine men seek to give their strength, not take it from their woman.


And….It is organic and natural for all beings (male and female) to GIVE when they are connected to source.

I want to say that again: When we are connected to source, it’s natural to give. We experience being abundant in energy, love and creativity. We have lots to contribute and we can and do.

Understanding Takers and Energy Dynamics: The Root of Draining Relationships

Taker people, energies and places are disconnected from source. The way they get their energy/life force/spiritual sustenance is by taking from others.

So taker people are disconnected from source and for that reason their taking from others can never satisfy their needs.

Like I said in a previous post; having needs is NOT being needy.

Having needs that can be fulfilled is normal, healthy and part of being alive.

But what if we have needs that can never be fulfilled?

There is nothing anyone can do.

That need remains a gaping wound until we heal it and restore our connection to source in that area.

From Wounds to Healing: The Pathway to Authentic Connections

This is what I am inviting you into with my Healing Everything program starting on Wednesday July 19th!

This is LAST CALL for the group program and the opportunity to do all the deep healing we do in my 90 day 1-1 intensive at 5555K in a group setting for 11 weeks for $1111 or 3 x $444 USD.

This healing is a crucial part of attracting a healthy fulfilling relationship with proper energy flow that nourishes both partners for life.

Now, taker individuals (narcissists) cannot be in such a relationship.

A narcissistic relationship is the polar opposite of a sacred union.

In a relationship where one or both people are narcissists, there is never enough love, enough connection, enough you name it.

Sometimes we’re not narcissistic overall but we do have wounded parts of us that are narcissistic and that is a normal part of the human condition.

But with a connection to source and a desire and willingness for healing, that can be healed. This is what I help you achieve.

Navigating the Masculine-Feminine Polarity: Attracting the Right Partners and Reclaiming Your Power

Let’s say for example you’re a single woman and you’re looking for a partner.

And you experience that you’re not meeting any quality men. I hear this ALL THE FN TIME.

You’re meeting draining situation ships with men, it’s because you’re not in YOUR power.

You need 3 things:

  1. A practical dating strategy that works
  2. Healing of your energy inversions (wounds)
  3. Understanding men and masculine energy

This program specifically focuses on #2.

For feminine people what that looks like is women who are wounded (in our culture we tell her to be tough) turn into warriors in order to survive.

Their organic, authentic core polarity (which is a spiritual component of their being) gets inverted and they cannot actually create a sustainable and fulfilling relationship for THAT reason.

This is because such a woman is masculinized and she will therefore attract feminine men. This is unfortunate and an endless cycle for many women.

Because she’s masculine as a way of coping, not because this is a natural reflection of her authentic and organic soul energetics, she attracts the wrong partners.

She will attract men who are also wounded and therefore not empowered or healthy in their masculinity and their organic authentic core polarity is also inverted.

These would be men whose sense of masculine honor was deeply injured (in our culture we use shame to do that) and they therefore leaned into the feminine polarity (dark feminine) of feeling sorry for themselves, as an example, victim.

So then this man’s needs will never be fulfilled.

Additionally, he would likely be looking for woman to mother him, caretake him and maybe even enable him in whatever his coping mechanisms are.

That could be as benign as overworking occasionally to something as problematic as alcohol and drug addiction.

Unhealthy men are not looking to bestow their gifts on the world (just like a healthy woman, a Queen, looks to do for her people or her man).

They are looking for a mother figure, someone to take care of them.

But because they are inverted in their authentic core polarity due to their fractured masculine, there will be no amount of things a woman or anyone can do to make these men feel that their needs are met.

So the feminine will be givig and drained because feminine energy is receptive in nature.

When women are NOT receiving his gifts, his strength, his provision, his protection, his care, you will be drained.

Due to her coping mechanisms she’s masculinized and offering mother energy instead of receptivity and so these women repel healthy masculine men and attract effeminate men, unhealthy men and narcissists.

This is what I can help you heal and restore. This is a problem I help many women solve through awareness, healing and understanding what a healthy masculine man is.

And if these are the dynamics you’re struggling with in your life and you’re a single woman who’d like to get unstuck and meet and marry her dream man…

I am sending out a LAST CALL for the opportunity to work with me in a healing group container starting in 2 days!

In that group we work on healing these spiritual energetics so that you can relax into your feminine energy, opening you up to love with a healthy masculine man, because you’ve removed your blocks.

Send me a DM if you want to know how and I will respond back with a few questions to see if this group program is a fit and if so, we can get started right away.

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