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Unseating the Counterfeit King: Dark Feminine Alchemy

You had to embrace the masculine to survive while suppressing your feminine essence. This is why you keep attracting emotionally unavailable or unhealthy men. You don’t trust men and, with your feminine side subdued, you can’t be vulnerable and receive from the masculine.

You’re not alone!


But, you must UNseat the dark (wounded) masculine king within.

And make no mistake that this is YOU being the change you wish to see in the world.

Unseating him in your inner world will unseat him in the outer world.

And we will forever reverse the wounding that happened for all innocents and be able to open to and co-create divine union in human relationships.

Feminines went without masculine provision in the form of emotional acceptance, loving leadership and physical safety.

From Open Hearts to Closed – Hearted Warriors

We had to go without the security that comes with the integrity and honor of a healthy masculine man’s word.

Wen had to become masculine to feel safe, to survive.

No one had our back.

Our fathers were absent, unreliable, unpredictable and/or unsafe.

They abandoned us either physically or emotionally or both. Some were narcissists that confused TF out of us.

They didn’t provide for us even though they may have tried – and so we entered the world feeling vulnerable and bare and our feminine hearts couldn’t feel safe.

We had to become warriors to raise ourselves in a fallen world – and we did.

Oh boy, did we ever.

We became the biggest and the baddest warriors, fueled by feminist fires.

We because untouchable and unstoppable.

But in so doing, we became hard and impenetrable, unquenchable and ruthless.

We had to be – to survive.

Embracing Masculinity at the Expense of our Feminine Essence

We put ourselves on the King’s throne in our own life.

Our Ego beating its chest in victory.

And as a result, the sacred place within our heart was already claimed and occupied by our inner masculine, on a pedestal – and no earthly human man could ever match the ferocious power of this dark King.

He is dark because he arose from fear, threat, and scarcity and this is wounded masculine energy.

He did not arise due to a spiritual calling, a life purpose to slay dragons in service of his people or Queen.

He was willing to stop at nothing to ensure the survival of his realm.

And that realm started to take over.

No healthy masculine man wanted to come into our lives and fight the sitting King for the territory if our heart because it already belonged to another.

No healthy masculine man wanted to come in and forever compete with the sitting King.

A healthy masculine men saw that it was a waste of his resources and gifts.

The dark King would never give up his throne.

And in allowing us to become masculine, our fathers betrayed us in the most profound way.

We didn’t want to be victims, so we became warriors.

For most of these men, it wasn’t by their direct intention that they left us out to the wolves, it was more by omission.

They couldn’t give what they didn’t have.

Society started a war on men emasculating them and diminishing them at their very spiritual core long before we were born.

No society is safe without healthy masculine men who are the protectors and providers of the tribe and those at the helm of this social programming knew this.

We were not victims of bad fathers, in most cases we were victims of brainwashed fathers and a bad social structure.

But nevertheless……

They left us bare and unprepared for the world and we became the very giants whose shoulders we stood on.

We pulled ourselves out of the sea with our own arm, holding our own hair braid, like Baron Munchousen.

In becoming masculine – we lost our way.

We lost our most sacred gift; our sacred feminine heart.

We lost our most precious ability to surrender and receive love.

To INSPIRE Warriors, Knights and Kings, rather than to dominate and subjugate them.

We lost our hearts.

Dark Feminine Alchemy

We lost our softness and vulnerability.

And then they came.

More men like our fathers, raping our souls and pillaging our hearts with their criticisms, control, dehumanization and tyranny.

And we needed healthy masculine men to save us but we didn’t know how to LET them. Or ASK them.

We didn’t know how to KNIGHT them.

We didn’t know that the thing we needed to do is UNSEAT the false king so that the true King could reign with his gifts and provision for us and for the kingdom of our life.

We finally came to see that the dark inner king needed to be unseated so that the real king could reign.

Dark Feminine Alchemy: Healing, Embracing, and Restoring the Sacred Feminine Within

This is the work we do in the healing portion of my 90 day 1-1 container. It’s truly Dark Feminine Alchemy….

If you resonate with this, I want to invite you to send me a DM and ask me about working together.

If you’re ready to unseat the dark king from the throne he’s taken in your heart to protect you…

….. and you are ready to copen your heart and create space for the True King of your heart in the form of a human divine masculine man – then this program is for you.

I designed it to help you fully restore your feminine self-worth, innocence and honor by healing your heart, releasing the burdens of fears doubts, and self-deprecating beliefs and doubts that keep you masculine.

This internal alchemy creates sacred space for the True Rightful King to enter and claim you….when you’re ready.

For now, we’re just tending to you, your heart, soul and feminine being.

My clients come alive…like start to blossom.

Their eyes soften as their heart starts to open once again to life, to themselves, to the masculine.

They come to inner peace. Deep self support. Self-understanding. Embracing their feminine heart.

Send me a pm if this resonates with you and I will respond back with a few questions.

We will have a quick chat over messenger to see if we’re a fit and if so, you can start right away!

Love and more Love, Emilia

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