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Maximize Online Dating: Meet Quality Men, Not Penpals!

If you’re single and want to meet your soulmate, please please please use the online dating platforms!!! There are so many great men online looking for the same. I can tell you this with 100% certainty because me and my clients meet them ALL THE TIME.

It’s how I met my amazing husband. It’s how my clients meet THEIR awesome husbands.

But use the platforms for INTRODUCTIONS ONLY.


Don’t start building a relationship online. That’s the fastest way to get frustrated and get on a call with me crying that nothing works and there are no good men.

You’re NOT looking for a panpal.

Follow this checklist and you will repel the players and unhealthy men and you will meet healthy masculine men.

I am gonna give you some seriously controversial advice so you can greatly reduce your time dating AND so that when you DO go on a date it will VERY likely be a high quality masculine man who is ready for a partner and gets you.

DO NOT go looking at profiles.

DO NOT go looking at profiles.

DO NOT go looking at profiles.

It will put you in scarcity mode and also – profiles mean NOTHING!

Just simply post your profile to one or more dating sites and ONLY reply to the men that message YOU first.

Those are the men that have profiles that are ACTIVE.

Those are the men that are willing to GENERATE and so it’s a good sign they are in their healthy masculine energy.

Those are the men that are most likely looking for a partner.

If it’s an app where you need to swipe, swipe on anyone that pops up that fits very general parameters (like lives near you) because …and here is the second controversial SECRET that works…

Almost ALL online profiles do NOT represent the real person.

You still have to MEET them and smell butts. LOL

Happy Dating!

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