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Use Disappointment Energy to CREATE

“I am so sick of all the men that have wasted my time and energy. I am not on dating apps. Dating apps suck. I thought I’d be married with kids by now. At 36, I don’t know why no man has claimed me. I’m ready for a masculine man to energetically claim me. So, where is he? No, my walls aren’t up; I am wide open. Where is he?”

Said no woman ever that a HEALTHY masculine man wanted and claimed.

Maybe you already know why….because this demanding, “where’s my shit” entitlement doesn’t CREATE.


IT destroys.

And repelling and destruction energy is important. VERY important.

Because you need it for the things in life you DON’T want.

Destruction and rebellion is precious. But turn that energy towards creating FOR you in your life and not using it AGAINST your dreams.

Lifeblood – but when used Consciously and intentionally.

This energy is hard to be with, hard to carry and hard to move through.

And it’s even harder to integrate and direct consciously if you’re also convinced you know how to move energy perfectly and don’t need help.

You want a magic pill. And I don’t have it.


Because you say you are not learning anything new when I am telling you that your walls are so high and so thick that NO healthy masculine man is going to tear those walls down to claim you.

Because tearing down walls is NOT romantic.

Healthy men want to be INVITED in.

Believing tearing down walls is romantic is something those of us that haven’t yet done the inner work to dismantle secular brainwashing about romantic relationships buy into.

It’s something that those of us who are unhealthy and aren’t willing to take responsibility for our life and our results partake in.

If you met a man who honestly was convinced that he only ever attracted Golddiggers and he should have met a good woman by now but there aren’t any – how attractive is that?

You’d run in the other direction, right?

I hope you wouldn’t stay and try to prove him wrong.

You wouldn’t, right?

It will be the unhealthy men that get attracted to that repelling, destructive energy.

The men who want a challenge forever, who don’t believe they are worthy of a good woman, the men who dislike and don’t trust women and the men who want to control and subjugate women is who this kind of entitlement will attract.

This energy will attract men who are not grounded, not peaceful, the men who are used to chaos and drama.

More than anything it will attract a man who…WANTS to break through walls. Think about it. What kind of man is that that WANTS to break into things uninvited?

It’s a taker man. A subjugator. A controlling man.

If you want healthy, lasting love – you must CLEAR i

You must become as rebellious and as intentional at clearing your wall as you are about your spiritual work and spiritual gifts being in the world.

Because if you don’t do the work to clear it, it becomes a self-propagating cycle.

Harnessing Destructive Energy: Transformation into Creation

Life promised me a husband. I am 36 and Life hasn’t delivered.


Now what if we take that energy and HARNESS it?


We use repelling and DESTRUCTIVE energy to CREATE.

We harness this anger and we let it fuel our commitment and inner resolve.

We decide to forgive ourselves for what we don’t know – how to tell a healthy man from an unhealthy man.

We decide to forgive ourselves for what we “should have had” but did not have – an EXAMPLE.

An example of a healthy relationship, a model.

And we decide to forgive ourselves and society and LIFE for failing us at our expectations.

The Power of Self-awareness and Relationship Expectations

Then we examine our expectations.
Where did they come from? Are they real needs or just subconscious ideas we picked up along the way that we don’t actually relate with any longer?

As in, they don’t even belong to us because that’s not what we want to create?

When we acknowledge that…….

We can begin anew.

Because we have sovereign creative power.

We begin a new to CREATE a new reality on the canvas of our life.

Yes, if we lived in a perfect world, the way deep down we long for and we know the world is supposed to be, we would have that example of a healthy relationship and we wouldn’t have to work so hard to create something most of us never experienced.

But, lightworkers, we don’t live in that world, we’re BUILDING it.

And it starts with YOU and me, in the mundane and seemingly unrelated crevices of our lives – like dating apps.

Yes there is a way to create that union you long for, but even an experienced spiritually gifted coach and healer can’t believe FOR you.

I can help you see and clear the blocks.

Repurpose the life force energy you were using for rebellion and destruction, towards rebellion against SPECIFIC intentional things (as opposed to Everything, like ALL men, for example).

Use that energy for CREATION.

If you knew how to move the energy, you would have moved it already. Reach for help. And be willing to receive it.

Because if you’re not willing, nothing will be good enough, nothing will work, nothing will heal and you won’t even want to be around your own self with that kind of negativity.

Building Healthy Connections: Strategies, Healing, and Understanding Masculinity

This is the kind of work that we do in my 90 day 1-1 intensive. The work has 3 main pillars – plain physical dating strategies that WORK to attract high value men, healing your heart wall and clearing any beliefs and attitudes such as the one I described here and finally understanding men and the masculine.

Those are the 3 main areas we work on so that you can align yourself with high quality men when dating, communicate with them effectively and pick your favorite one.

If you want my help, send me a DM and ask about my 90 day 1-1 intensive. I will respond with a few questions to see if it’s a good fit and if so, we can get started right away.

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