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Understanding Women’s Vulnerability in love Relationships with Men

We frequently discuss the vulnerability women have towards men simply due to men’s larger physical size and strength.

But we almost never discuss the vulnerability men have towards women which is emotional and spiritual.

Often women dismiss men’s vulnerability as his ego but it’s absolutely nothing of the sort if a man is healthy and masculine.

Unveiling the Vulnerability of Men in Love: Understanding Their Deepest Desires and Fears

A man’s vulnerability is that when he loves a woman he will give his life for her.

He will do anything in his power to make her happy.

He will do anything in his power to see her needs fulfilled.

He will do anything in his power to contribute to her life.

He will be vulnerable to rejection from her.

He will suffer if he can’t make her happy.

He will be tuned into to her every breath, watching her from across the room to make sure she’s ok or if she needs anything.

He will be tender and loving and go outside of his comfort zones for her over and over if he thinks that’s what she needs to be happy.

He will give her his heart and soul.

All he needs is to be respected in return.

There is a real tenderness there for him.

He needs her acceptance, her approval her receptivity.

He breathes it.

He lives for it.

Her loving and flowing feminine energy is spiritual source for him.0

He doesn’t have access to the divine and eternal the way a woman does at all moments for various spiritual, biochemical reasons.

Protecting men’s fragile egos is an inversion of this inner delicacy men carry for the feminine.

It’s a despicable way to paint men and use their own tenderness against them.

The patriarchy is a weapon used against both men and women because both sexes have an inner feminine and an inner masculine.

Harnessing the Power of Feminine Acceptance

The patriarchy teaches women that men are superior and they have big egos.

When actually their touchiness with us doesn’t come from their ego but from how genuinely dependant they are on our emotional acceptance of them.

That they are emotionally safe with us.

Safe from criticism, harsh words, emasculation and seen as an aggressor in any way would be heartbreaking to a man who wants to protect and provide for those he loves.

If you as a woman are able to understand these ONE thing about men, your relationships with men will change forever for the better.

A wise woman knows that her acceptance and receptivity is her superpower.

She uses these feminine forms of power to partner powerfully with her healthy masculine counterpart and create a nourishing energy flow that lasts forever.

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