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We’re NOT meant to live without MEN for love.

Dear love Divine feminine woman, “Divine Feminine” narratives such as the Dali Lama saying “it will be the women of North America that will save the world,” have you thinking on a deep level that you’ve got to warrior up and do it ALONE.


In other words, in your masculine you go, woman!

Your mission, your life, your service and your dharma – all on YOU – alone. In your masculine energy.

Well, no. This message is inverted. We’re not alone because healthy MASCULINE MEN have got us.

We can sigh a breath of relief and return to our feminine energy.

We’re NOT meant to live without MEN.

It’s OK to need men.

We were meant and divinely designed to need men.

Men were meant to love us.

We can depend on men.

And healthy, masculine men want to be depended on and have our back! They WANT to do the world-saving. They can! They will! They always have!

Navigating Sacred Partnership and Collaborative Synergy with Masculine Energy love

Many single spiritual successful women are seeking guidance and answers for sacred partnership with men because they are starting to see that successful, powerful women know how to PARTNER with STRONG MASCULINE men.

Consciousness is calling us to a new level of connection, collaboration and co-creation. A level of synergy, interdependence and trust. A deep sense of security and safety with each other. A returning home to our natural, authentic, innate CORE polarity of feminine and masculine.

And I have a re-frame: It is not up to women alone, because women have always been powerful and men have always fought and died for their Queens. (Thank you, men!)

The simple truth that the Divine Feminine can’t rise without the warriors who go first, the warriors who rise up to protect her, the warriors who stand with her in the fire of transformation. Without the warriors on her team, creating a sacred ring of protection around her, she can’t rise on her own strength.
The truly enlightened Divine Feminine knows how to receive from the Divine Masculine and bring out the very best in him by honoring his giving nature.

She doesn’t disown her own human feminine nature and therefore she does not disown his power.

And this is what men NEED from us. They don’t NEED us to save the world. They need us to be aligned to our authentic core feminine power.

They don’t need or want us to put on our armor, pick up our ball-chopping swords and saving the world we go – armed with our “very helpful” mainstream programming.

A truly empowered woman knows how to receive from the masculine. She welcomes Him and receives Him and leans on Him in the holy mission of her sacred work.

And he’s there and he’s got her back for that purpose and together they create a synergy of galaxies.

And yes, you CAN have this in human form. I do. My clients do.

If you’re a spiritual woman you’re here with some serious transformational gifts for the world. But no, you’re not here to SAVE the world without men.

You’ve likely experienced your feminine fierceness being unmet by men.

But that’s NOT because men are not capable of meeting you.

It has to do more with the cultural and social programming that independent women don’t need men.

It’s gotten to a point where women are sometimes even afraid to admit that they want or NEED a man. They are afraid to claim sacred union because of the brainwashing from messages such as the one above.

The message above essentially is, women, you got this. Go save the world. You don’t need men. No one has your back. It’s on you.

No, thanks, Dali Lama. No thanks, I will not RA RA in my masculine energy, saving worlds.

When we RA RA in our masculine energy, we become depleted.

We suffer adrenal fatigue.

We are underfucked, unfulfilled, unravished.


No healthy woman in tune with her feminine wants to SAVE the world alone and no WOMAN HAS TO.

Because….because, dear wild women – God made Masculine MEN. It’s raining men! Hallelujah!!

If you’re sick of doing it alone and you’d like to shift out of your masculine and into your feminine so you can attract a healthy masculine man that has your back then that’s exactly what I help you do in my 90 day 1-1 intensive.

The first thing is to take down the armor you’ve been carrying and learn to receive but with HEALTHY boundaries from HEALTHY SAFE men. love love

I help you attract your cosmic counterpart and create sacred partnership that transforms your life and the world, because that’s what you’re here to do. Right?

You don’t have to do your sacred work alone. And you don’t have to work out how to have this kind of relationship all alone – my clients do it in an average of only 10- 25 dates over 3 – 6 months.

If you’re ready to attract sacred partnership into your life, just send me a PM and we will have a quick chat over messenger to see if you’re a good fit for my private 90 day intensive. In that intensive, we work on 3 main shifts (smart dating, healing into your feminine, partnering with the masculine) so you can call in your sacred life partner within 3 to 6 months. We also do deep healing of relationship wounds, releasing outdated programming and generational dysfunctions learned around love. We work on dating discerningly for high-quality men and partnering powerfully for fulfilling lasting love.

I help you anchor in the new paradigm of Sacred Partnership on New Earth as this is my (and YOUR, if you are still reading this) purpose and mission. Let’s do it, wild woman! 🙂

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