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What Comes Before Sacred Union?

So many of you are going through narcissistically abusive relationships because you need to heal on a PERSONAL level what is happening COLLECTIVELY.

IF you’re going through narcissistic abuse it’s a spiritual catalyst to your awakening and ascension and mission for NEW EARTH.

I see this OVER and OVER and over!

So many of you are spiritual healers, leaders and visionaries for new Earth and I know I am not gonna be popular when I say this but going through narcissistic abuse is actually your ACTIVATOR.

IF you just are willing to ACCEPT that and let it lead you into the most courageous deep healing of your life, you WILL be lionized, magical, multidimensional and FREE.

What comes next is Sacred Union.

That’s because you need to be SOVEREIGN for Sacred union.

It’s because you need to be CONNECTED to your CREATIVE power and not giving it away for Sacred Union.

And you need to be uncomrpomising, unsacrificing and not willing to settle.


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