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What I Know About Feminine Leaders and Sacred Marriage

What I learned from my recent posts this week….Feminine leaders that are standing for goodness, life, purity, truth, healing and LOVE are going to be seen as:


-using clickbait (just saying that word makes me cringe)

-applying a strategy but lying about it

-being insecure and needing validation

-posting for polarity and division to get reactions and views

And these kinds of dynamics are going to happen in our romantic relationships, too, until we claim our power and partner with a healthy masculine man!

But there is something I know about feminine leaders.

We don’t do something to GET something.

We do it because it’s our calling.

We do it because we believe in it.

We do it because it’s the RIGHT thing to do.

We do it to teach.

We do it to lead.

We do it to help the world heal.

Even when it’s uncomfortable.

Even when we are in the eye of the storm and the heat of the fire…

We show up.

We show up not because of what we’re doing or the strategy we’re employing or the reaction we’re getting.

We show up because that’s who WE ARE.

It’s not going to be everyone that has the eyes to see and the ears to hear this. And those that don’t have the eyes will NOT see us.

Yes, being that woman WILL separate the wheat from the schaff.

My fave rebel leader Jesus said in Matthew 10:34 “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.”

He KNEW that exposing spiritual truths would do exactly what it did – stir hatred, villification and rage in some and love, devotion and purity in others.

When he flipped the tables over in the temple in Mark 21:12 because they were using the temple for something outside of prayer, he didn’t do it for click bait LOL.

No, he flipped the table BECAUSE the temple made for prayer was being DISHONORED.

I flipped the tables because the sacrament of marriage is being dishonored.

And it’s being dishonored especially when those who have no experience, qualification or desire of marriage are speaking about it in a way that disways those who do.

These are false prophets. Matthew 7:15

I am here for a marriage ministry for feminine leaders of faith.

And when YOU step out to have that holy marriage, to speak that holy message, to live that holy life……claim success, provision and love…

Yes being that woman WILL feel uncomfortable.

Yes being that woman WILL be controversial.

But we’re not doing it because that’s what we DO.

We’re doing it because that’s what we BE.

We stand for love.

We stand for truth.

I personally stand for miracles.

Feminine Leaders of Faith stand for Divine Creation and not for mainstream manipulation.

And that’s who we ARE.

We don’t do it for validation. We don’t do it for division and we don’t pander to avoid division.

We have a MISSION.

My mission is MARRIAGE.

If you don’t like it, there are plenty of others teaching about dating, submission, polarity, good sex and faminine energy, but not ncessarily sacred parriage. Take your pick.

Thank you for everyone who commented on my posts, participated in the discussions and shared your opinions, perceptions, feelings, triggers, experiences and truths. I SEE you.

For those of you that stayed, I know you SEE me too.

For those of you that left, you’re not gonna read this anyway LOL.

I love you all so much.

Let’s head into 2024 being willing to be a sharpened blade and baptized by fire for the fullness of who we are and who we were created and intimately designed to be.

We are not backing down.

We are not afraid.

We stand for LOVE.

Pure, Divine, Organic Creator’s LOVE.

Those who have eyes to see let them see.

Those who have ears to hear, let them hear.

But the people we are meant to serve will know.

They will know in their heart.

I claim this for 20204.

I stand here holding the portal of sacred marriage open for you.

If that’s something you want and desire, I can lead you there.

Send me a DM and ask about my Engaged in 2024 program.

Yes that program includes dating, practicing being in feminine energy, divine feminine empowerment, understanding men and the masculine and sacred union, engagement and marriage.

It’s unlimited 1:1 work in the sense that we’re not working based on sessions, we’re working for a result. The result is your engagement to your dream man in apx 12 months. Could be a little less. Could be a little more.

If you’re ready for sacred marriage and want to get halfway there by the end of 2024, then send me a DM and I will respond with a few questions to see if we feel like a fit and if so we will get on a call to square away the details and dive in Jan 1st!

Love, Emilia

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