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What if You Make More Money Than Him

A healthy masculine man is NOT threatened by your income, intellect, education, or accomplishments, in and of THEMSELVES.

But it’s often a woman’s ATTITUDE about those things that turns off healthy masculine men.

Like, the world tells us we’re successful if we’re financially doing well and have a university degree.

And vise versa, we think we need to get our finances in order to be “datable.”

And neither are accurate, in my experience.

There is no amount of intellect, wealth, education or accomplishment that will ensure that your LOVE life succeeds.

Your HEART has the only key. And a little knowledge about feminine and masculine energetics goes a LOOONG way.

Here’s an example from my life.

When we lived in San Diego and had our baby, my husband was the primary breadwinner. He had a construction business and he went to work and I stayed home with the baby. I occasionally helped with paperwork.

I was the primary parent. Doctor appointments, school, daycare, babysitters, the dentist, getting the diapers, I was the one that took care of that and of our daughter.

We were happy. I was happy. He was happy. Our daughter was happy. 🙂

Now that we live in Hungary, my husband is the primary parent because I don’t speak Hungarian. I am learning but it’s slooow because it’s the 5th hardest language in the WORLD after Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Arabic.

He’s the one that takes our daughter to school, communicates with the teachers, keeps track of her grades and school activities on the online school portal, takes to the doctor, arranges her school lunches, etc.

And I happen to be making “the money” now.

When we first had our baby and I was home cooking, doing dishes, changing diapers (I got a lot of help with this from hubsmeister!), I started to feel like a maid!

I cried to my husband when he came home from work one day that I feel like a maid and right away we hired a cleaning lady and I started working part time.

The point is that a sacred union is a CO-CREATIVE arrangement that changes based on the needs and capacities of the union.

In my case, there would be NO WAY I would be this successful in my coaching business if my husband didn’t support me and if he didn’t take on the primary parent roles, freeing me up to focus on it.

And I am SO HAPPY about this!!!! Because THIS is what I want to do!

And so in that way, “my” success is OUR success. A win is a win is a win.

I think if he was a less secure man, he might feel threatened by this.

And if I was a woman who emasculated him, or if I looked down on him for not being the thing that the world says he should be (and not realize he’s being what I need, what WE need), it WOULD be a problem.

What’s so cool now is that we don’t HAVE to create marriages based on gender ROLES! Or polarity RULES. We can CO-create it in a way that worked for US!

That’s why I am always going on and on about that here. The spiritual energetics of sacred union WORK no matter the roles, genders, bodies, etc. It’s about the energetics.

I see women getting lost in the woods of these concepts (just because of our social and cultural programming about what success means and that it actually has relevance to relationships and love). But it’s a myopic and not creative in the way they are thinking about intellect, intelligence, accomplishments, education, money and success.

There’s another way. A new paradigm love.

Now that I’ve cleared THAT up, let me share what DOES put a healthy masculine man off when it comes to YOUR money, intellect, intelligence, education and accomplishments.

It’s your ATTITUDE.

If your attitude is that you’re somehow above others or that you’re too good for a certain kind of lifestyle or that your education puts you above a certain “class” of people, then a healthy masculine man won’t be intimidated.

He will be repelled.

If you want love but you’re finding it hard to meet and connect with quality men, then it’s very likely you don’t see them, because you’re looking at a narrow band of the spectrum.

If you’re looking for healthy, conscious reciprocal love and you’re ready to look at how some of these dynamics might be showing up for you, in that you’re either finding that you intimidate men or that there are “no good masculine men out there,” or that there aren’t any men who are successful enough, wealthy enough or basically “good enough” for you, then look at how these dynamics might be showing up in your love life and sabotaging your success in love.

In many cases, you may need help to see it because we tend to not be conscious of these kinds of ways of being.

If you’d like a professional eye, then I invite you to send me a DM and ask about my love coaching intensive.

In that private, 1-1 customized container you will strengthen your confidence, learn how to date for fun, joy, nourishment and the pure pleasure of being wined and dined by amazing men FOR the purpose of SACRED MARRIAGE.

Once you GET that you will be on your way to meeting your soulmate and yes it’s still possible in 2024 and getting engaged in 2024!!!!!!

I know that’s a big promise, but ALL of my clients find love in an average of 5-10 dates following my teachings.

So can you.

XO, Emilia

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