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Love ASAP Program: Find Your Man in Weeks with Expert Online Dating Guidance

I know it’s crazy, but many of my clients find love online with my help in less than 5 dates. Eva met Stew on her second date, and that’s who she is in love with now; they just went exclusive.

Tamara met Craig on her 4th date and they are now exclusive.

Amanda met Tim on her 3rd date following my strategy and they’re now exclusive.

Laura met Paul on her 5th date and they just went on a trip around the world.

*names changed for privacy

Fast-Track to Love: How Clients Find Quality Connections Online in Under 5 Dates

Eva told me: I see what you mean now when you said it can happen FAST! Because within about 3 weeks at 1-2 dates a week, she was already smitten.

My clients meet men who show up to help them when they are running their public events (feminine leaders).

My clients meet men that take them on vacay and pay for them to have their OWN room.

My clients meet men that want a family and connect with their kids.

My clients meet men that are comitted to their personal growth and spiritual development.

My clients meet men that they want to and can’t WAIT to marry.

I know it sounds SO CRAZY so I am going to spell out here EXACTLY WHY it happens so fast.

First, it’s because I make sure the women dating are genuinely READY for love. If not, we do some healing, emotional clean up and preparation before we go online.

Second, when she’s ready we put her in a STREAM of high quality men using an online dating platform for introductions.

We sort through the men that she gets connected with online in order to get her on dates with healthy masculine men.

Because she’s meeting healthy, high quality masculine men, she’s LOVING the dating journey and NOT depleted by drama.

Then the whole dating thing ends FAST because she’s gone on a handful of dates and there’s someone that’s a gentleman, that’s kind, that she wants to explore further with.

That’s it that’s all the end.

My filtering method really IS that simple and to be honest I don’t know anyone else that teaches this.

AND you can get it for FREE here

If you want more help than applying the strategy on your own, (which you can do and women write me to tell me they used this strategy and met great men WOHOO!)…

Then consider joining my LOVE ASAP program launching June 22nd.

I am only accepting 4 more women into the program.

This is for you if you’re ready to meet a high-quality masculine man to share your life with.

This is only for women who are READY for a long term commitment, marriage or other form of life partnership.

This is for you if you don’t WANT to learn HOW to date, you just want to get sent out on dates with men vetted by a professional.

Effortless Dating

This is NOT a matchmaking program.

I will be procuring the men FOR you through an online profile and sorting through them for the GOOD ones for you!

The investment is $777 or 3 payments of $333 for 3 months.

Here’s what you get:

An online dating profile created FOR you by me, professionally and written in MANglish lol. You will get a TON of responses so be prepared to go on 1-2 dates a week please!

I will manage all your messages, use my proven sorting method FOR you and simply send you on dates with vetted men.

You must do a 5 minute phone call with these men to arrange the date place/time and say hello lol.

Be willing to go on 1-2 dates a week starting on the 2nd week of the program.

Weekly group calls to answer your questions. There are a total of 10 calls. Calls are at 10 am PST on Thursdays. We start on June 22, 2023.

Private access to me through DMs/Voxer/Whatsapp/e-mail.

I can’t go on the dates FOR you but I can 1000% be there WITH you as a wing woman in your back pocket.

Just let me know when your date is and I will be on alert for any messages from you.

That way you know I am there, standing by and you can go to the bathroom and message me if you have a love emergency LOL.

You are NO LONGER ALONE!!!!!!!!!!

This is NOT for you if you know deep down in your heart you’re not ready for a REAL connection with an AMAZING man.

This is NOT for you if you’re NOT ready to connect with ONE special man ASAP – like in 3-5 dates/introductions!!!!!

This is NOT for you if you know that you have things to heal in order to actually be emotionally available for love (as this is not a healing course – that’s launching in July or check out my other posts about my 90 day 1-1 intensive where you get healing sessions).

This is NOT for you if you’ve recently gone through a break up. Then you most likely need the healing course in July or the 90 day healing intensive.

This is NOT for you if you think there are no good men left and you want me to prove otherwise. Please do not ask to join if this is you.

This is for you if you’re nervous lol

If you’re scared

If you’ve got butterflies in your stomach

If you’re asking….can it really be that easy?

If you’re willing to LET IT BE EASY

If you feel intimidated by the whole online dating world

If you want to meet your man in just a few weeks like my clients do!!!!

If you want IN just comment below and I will respond with a few questions to see if it’s a fit and if so, I will accept you into the course.

Only limited to 4 more special women READY FOR LOVE! Comment below and we will chat!


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