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Elevate Your Love Life: Embracing Healthy Masculinity for Lasting Sacred Unions

I recently posted that healthy, sacred masculine men seek to give their strength, not take it from their woman. There was much discussion, celebration, and agreement, but also grumbling and the gnashing of teeth! Lol.

Someone asked, “What is a taker man? And can a man who is masculine also express his needs from his partner and still be a masculine man?”

Here’s my answer: Yes, a healthy masculine can and does express his needs to his partner. I will explain more.

But first, I want to share that there are taker PEOPLE, not just taker men. There are taker women as well, taker entities, taker environments.

Unveiling the Dynamics of Healthy Masculinity in Relationships

I want to say that again: When we are connected to source, it’s natural to give. We experience being abundant in energy, love and creativity. We have lots to contribute and we can and do.

Taker people, energies and places are disconnected from source. The way they get their energy/life force/spiritual sustencance is by taking from others.

Some might say, yes but lions kill therefore they are taking energy.

Yes. They are taking. But they don’t SUCK or vampire. They take what they need and leave the rest. They contribute to the circle of life. They don’t corral their zebra herds and say to the other lions, this is my zebra herd, don’t hunt form this herd.

That would be the kind of taking I am talking about; greedy, vampiric, black hole taking where no matter how much you get, there is never enough.

I am going so deep into this because I want to explain it as thoroughly and as completely as possible.

So taker people are disconnected from source and for that reason their taking from others can never satisfy their needs.

Like I said in a previous post; having needs is NOT being needy.

Having needs that can be fulfilled is normal, healthy and part of being alive.

But what if we have needs that can never be fulfilled? There is nothing anyone can do. That need remains a gaping wound until we heal it and restore our connection to source in that area.

This is part of what we do in the healing work that I offer to my female clients as part of attracting a healthy fulfilling relationship with proper energy flow that nourishes both partners for life.

Now, taker individuals (narcissists) cannot be in such a relationship.

A narcissistic relationship is the polar opposite of a sacred union.

In a relationship where one or both people are narcissists, there is never enough love, enough connection, enough you name it.

Sometimes we’re not narcissistic overall but we do have wounded parts of us that are narcissistic and that is a normal part of the human condition.

The Blueprint for Creating Sacred Unions

But with a connection to source and a desire for healing, that can be healed.

Let’s say for example you’re a single woman and you’re looking for a partner.

And you find that no man is good enough for you.

Either he’s too distant or holds too much in, didn’t take good enough care of you, etc.

Then you won’t have a sacred partnership because he can’t fill these needs because they come from wounds. This is a separate post and if there’s interest in the comments I will happily elaborate.

They are insatiable needs. No man will ever fill them. And until that wound is healed, it will remain in an inverted energetic orientation, taking energy rather than giving.

And my point is, we all have those wounds and it’s human but if overall we are healthy and there are a few of these wounds to heal, this wouldn’t prevent us from having a healthy relationship or even a sacred partnership because our entire energy being wouldn’t be inverted.

The problem comes when those wounds are not healed and we have too many of them that our entire energy gets inverted. Feminie people flip to masculine and masculine people flip to feminine.

For feminine people what that looks like is women who are wounded (in our culture we tell her to be tough) turn into warriors in order to survive. Their organic, authentic core polarity (which is a spiritual component of their being) gets inverted and they cannot actually create a sustainable and fulfilling relationship for THAT reason.

This is because such a woman is masculinized and she will therefore attract feminine men. This is unfortunate and an endless cycle for many women. Because she’s masculine as a way of coping, not because this is a natural reflection of her authentic and organic soul energetics, she attracts the wrong partners.

Can you see how that would create a black hole?

She will attract men who are also wounded and therefore not empowered or healthy in their masculinity and their organic authentic core polarity is also inverted.

These would be men whose sense of masculine honor was deeply injured (in our culture we use shame to do that) and they therefore leaned into the feminine polarity (dark feminine) of feeling sorry for themselves, as an example, victim.

So then this man’s needs will never be fulfilled. Additionally, he would likely be looking for woman to mother him, caretake him and maybe even enable him in whatever his coping mechanisms are. That could be as benign as overworking occasionally to something as problematic as alcohol and drug addiction.

So taker men are these kinds of men.

They are unhealthy masculine and they are not looking to bestow their gifts on the world (just like a healthy woman, a Queen, looks to do for her people or her man).

They are looking for a mother figure, someone to take care of them. But because they are inverted in their authentic core polarity due to their fractured masculine, there will be no amount of things a woman or anyone can do to make these men feel that their needs are met.

They need healing. I don’t offer this healing, I work with women only, but there are coaches and healers that do.

A healthy masculine man doesn’t need to take.

He is connected to source and his natural authentic core polarity is not inverted.

Masculine energy is generative in nature.

It seeks to give, to support, to empower, to provide for the needs of those that need him and to protect.

For a healthy masculine man, it’s actually repulsive to be mothered.

They want nothing more than for their gifts to be received and appreciated.

And what’s amazing is that feminine energy is receptive in nature.

Unmasking the Tactics of Narcissism in Relationships

So sacred divine feminine and masculine energies are complements and when they flow (from masculine, generative, to feminine, receptive), there is creation and joy, abundance and nourishment for all who are a part of that.

Like in a family when a mother and a father have such a bond, where energy is flowing and cycling in a healthy way, they are nourished, their children are nourished and the world is nourished.

That’s why I said a healthy masculine man seeks woman to offer his strength, not take it.

This is also the reason why many women REPEL healthy masculine men.

Because they are NOT receiving his gifts, his strength, his provision, his protection, his care. Due to her coping mechanisms she’s masculinized and offering mother energy instead of receptivity and so these women repel healthy masculine men and attract effeminate men, unhealthy men and narcissists.

This is a problem I help many women solve through awareness, healing and understanding what a healthy masculine man is.

And absolutely, a healthy masculine man can have needs. And he can say to his feminine partner what those needs are.

I’d like to go for coffee with my friends, is that OK for you to stay and watch the kids? I would like to make love, are you available today? I am hungry, do we have any ham? These are needs that can be communicated and fulfilled. That is not a needy, taker man. That is a healthy masculine man who has needs.

We live in a world that is run by a group of people who understand the spiritual foundations of what makes life and humanity function well with sovereignty, abundance and creative power.

But we are very intentionally and consistently brainwashed and manipulated away from the spiritual truths we need to be creative and abundant co-creators with our fellow human beings in any capacity but in particular in the capacity of marriage.

The inversion of sacred feminine and masculine energies is a primary tactic the narcissists that have a lot of money and therefore own most of the workd and Hollywood use their platforms to subjugate humanity into debt slavery.

They do this by inverting their sacred energies (masculine to feminine and feminine to masculine) so that humans are unable to create sacred unions and join in power.

This is because sacred unions are a synergized partnership and the power of the humans in such a partnership is much greater than the sum of its parts.

There is also the intentional occlusion from humanity the necessary understanding to heal from emotional, psychological and spiritual wounds so that we can restore tour power, re-ignite our connection to source and our innate and unique creativity.

This is why I do the work I do and thank you to everyone who is on this path with me.

Please ask me any and all questions about this in the comments below. I feel this is an extremely important teaching point about healthy relationships and I deal with these kinds of problems all day every day, helping form sacred unions worldwide.

And if these are the dynamics you’re struggling with in your life and you’re a single woman who’d like to get unstuck and meet and marry her dream man, I help you with that in my 90 day 1-1 private intensive.

In that intensive we work on these spiritual energetics so that you can select a healthy masculine man, create the partnership energetics that flow, fulfill and LAST and you can do it all in as soon 3-6 months.

Send me a DM if you want to know how and I will respond back with a few questions to see if we’re a fit to work together and if so, we can get started right away.

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