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Dating: A Self-Empowerment Journey

Many women think of dating as a means to an end. All they wanna do is meet their guy.

But it’s SO MUCH MORE.

It’s a personal growth journey.
It’s a healing journey.
It’s an empowerment journey.
It’s an understanding men journey.
It’s an understanding masculine and feminine energetics journey.
It’s a journey into your sacred sexual self, if you allow it.
It’s a journey into the realms of legacy.
It’s an understanding sacred marriage journey.

Dating is SO MUCH MORE than “Meeting The One

So many women FORGET that dating isn’t just to meet your person.

It’s to grow AS a person.

Empowering Yourself: Changing the Narrative

Because what would knowing how to meet healthy masculine men that are ready for a relationship at ANY time DO for you?

Wouldn’t that end generational cycles of the women in your lineage who were married to less than honorable men?

They didn’t have a choice.

They HAD to stay.

But you do NOT.

You live in 2023.

YOU can read this post.

YOU can get support to empower yourself.

YOU don’t even have to be in a relationship that doesn’t work for you and your kids.

YOU don’t even have to stay and settle and “make it work” and be mistreated.

YOU live in 2023.

Learning the dating, relating and partnership skills I teach is a GAMECHANGER.

Because you’re not leaving healthy partnership to chance, now, to fate, to God.

You’re doing your part.

You’re not WAITING for it to happen organically for you.

You’re doing your part.

You’re not STAYING attached to the wrong man because it’s the best you think you can get.

You’re doing the healing to rewrite that code and reach for your dreams.

You’re not SACRIFICING for crumbs.

You’re empowered with the knowledge that at any moment you can just get out there and meet high quality masculine men.

Like what would that DO for you?

Like really think about it.

I would love to read your responses, so feel free to send me a DM!


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