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When Dating, Don’t DO, Don’t Work, Don’t Effort

When you’re dating as a feminine woman and you want to attract a HEALTHY masculine man….. don’t DO.

Don’t work. Don’t effort. Don’t be ON. Don’t interview.

Here’s what to do instead.

Turn yourself into a girl and hour before the date. Take a bath, read a book, curl up with a purring cat, go for a walk, dance naked lol – whatever gets you feeling feminine and relaxed and IN your BODY.

Then ENJOY getting ready. Step into simply delighting your own senses – smelling good, looking good and feeling good.

Don’t wear anything showing boobs or cleavage. Wear a classy flowery dress or a nice blouse and jeans. Save the goodies for later, they are NOT necessary for attracting a healthy masculine man who wants a feminine partner.

Give yourself plenty of time to arrive to the date because no one can be feminine in a hurry lol.

When you get there, simply BE in your BODY. FEEL. BREATHE.

If he’s a healthy masculine man you will FEEL it IN YOUR BODY.

And that is ENOUGH.

It is enough for YOU because your feminine will get to relax, feel safe and just BE in the presence of a masculine energy man and his masculine energy will get to GENERATE the connection because that’s what he WANTS to do.

So breathe and LET HIM; lean back, listen to learn about him, & leave lots of space!

If you get this ONE thing and APPLY it when dating you will have the RIGHT foundation for sustainable fulfilling lifelong love.

I am NOT kidding.

How you date is HOW you marry.

WHO you date is WHO you marry.

If you date healthy masculine men, guess what kind of a man you will marry? Comment below to tell me. 🙂

If you’re DOINIG, INTERVIEWING, EFFORTING, BEING “ON,” you will REPEL healthy masculine men and ATTRACT UNhealthy men, effeminate men and narcissists.

Now you might be asking, Ok but what if I am NOT on a date with a masculine man?


Don’t GO OUT with THOSE!!!! LOL

SELECT your dates using my 3-step SORTING method I used to meet my hubby after about 10 yrs of trying and about 500 dates.

It’s also the EXACT method my clients use to meet their match in an average of 3-6 months at a rate of 1-2 dates per week.

The FIRST step on my method is procuring multiple INTRODUCTIONS to masculine men using online dating apps.

Then it’s knowing EXACTLY what to look for to know if he is a HEATHY masculine man who is READY for a relationship and if he’s a man who wants to take care of his feminine partner by protecting and providing for her.

HERE is the EXACT strategy for FREE:

And if you want HELP applying this strategy and you want hand-holding selecting your dates, going on dates (what to say, what to wear, what he means, what should you text, etc…) then I want to invite you to my 8 week LIVE group coaching program starting March 21st limited to 8 women.

Just send me a DM and let me know that you’re interested in this program and we will have a quick chat over messenger to see if it’s afit. If so you can enroll right away. The investment is $888 or 3 x $333.

It’s already half sold out and the women who’ve joined are currently getting my 1-1 personal and customized support via voxer, messenger and e-mail on how to set up their online dating profiles to attract quality introductions in preparation for the start of the program.

The sooner you join the more support you will have to prepare and hit the ground running implementing the tools I teach you for dating high quality masculine men.

How will knowing this ONE skill change your life?

How would knowing that you can go online at any time and select a handful (or more) masculine men for dates and KNOW what to look for to determine if they’re healthy and ready for commitment within apx 3-5 dates, change your life?

Would you then stay with a man who doesn’t take care of you?

Would you then stay with a man who isn’t masculine and doesn’t make you feel met, seen, safe or cared for?

Would you then stay single forever if you don’t want to be?

Tell me honestly, would knowing this skill change your life?

I really want to know. 🙂

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