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When Dating: Don’t Lead with Your Profession, Lead with Your Heart

For feminine women who want to attract a healthy masculine partner: Don’t lead with your profession. Lead with your heart.

What does that look like?

I see a lot of high-earning ambitious women leading with their profession on their dating profile and in their dating life in general.

Corporate Real Estate Broker.

Executive Coach.

Chief Corporate Buyer.

Aerospace Engineer.

High quality men don’t CARE.

They don’t care.

It’s only the effeminate or unhealthy men that care.

It’s the men that want a mommy that care.

It’s the men that aren’t looking for a feminine partner that care.

It’s the 50/50 men that care.


Because THOSE men are not providers.

THOSE men are looking for an “equal.”

But healthy masculine men don’t care.

They are not looking for an equal.

They are looking for a counterpart.

They don’t call it that, they say, “partner.”

The healthy, high-quality masculine man is looking for a feminine woman.

Sure, she can be a successful feminine woman.

But her success or professional accolades doesn’t do anything for him.

So don’t lead with those.

Not on a dating profile.

Not on the first text, phone call or date.

We are taught in our world that THAT kind of success is the MOST valuable.

But it’s actually NOT the thing that is going to help you attract or create a successful partnership with a high value masculine man.

Filling out the profession in your dating profile?

Keep it very general.

If he asks you what you do, keep it VERY general.

I am not telling you to lie or be dishonest.

But I do see SO MANY women present their career as if it were an identity.

I know, I know, you worked SO hard for that degree. I worked really hard for mine, too.

And you worked so hard for that position at your company. Or that level of income at your business.

And you make great money. Enjoy a great life.

Why SHOULDN’T you share that and be proud of it, right?

I am not saying don’t share it.

And I am not saying don’t be proud of it.

I am saying don’t LEAD with it.

Lead with your heart instead.

Adjust the belief that your career or success is what makes you valuable to a relationship.

When I talk about leading with your heart, I am talking about letting a man SEE you.

SEE your dreams, your fears, your vulnerabilities.

When he asks what you do, keep it general for THAT reason.

So you don’t take the focus off of YOU and put it on what you DO.

What you DO is NOT you, even though the world tells us it is.

So keep it VERY general.

Not to lie or avoid, but to take the focus OFF of that part of who you are.

So if you’re a doctor, I recommend saying you work in healthcare.

Keeping it general is also a smart move for your safety when you’re dating.

If you’re a lawyer, I recommend saying you work in law.

If you’re an Aerospace Engineer, I recommend saying you work in engineering or in design.

The point is, it does NOT MATTER.

What matters is how you FEEL with this man.

And you will never know how you FEEL with him, if you’re leading with your intellect (masculine side) and not your feelings (feminine side).

These are one of the MANY reasons dating doesn’t go well for successful women.

These are the kind of small shifts I help you make along your dating journey in my 90 day “Meet Your Dream Man” 1-1 intensive.

In that program we work on clearing up the masculine/feminine energetics in your dating journey so you can connect with a high quality, healthy masculine man.

That’s because as a feminine being, even an ambitious and successful one, what you MOST desire and need, is to know you’re safe, loved for who you are (not for what you DO) and that he’s got your back no matter what.

So you have to start on that foundation from day 1.

Yes, from the dating profile, the first text, the first phone call, the first date.

Don’t’ lead with what you DO.

If you lead with your career and your success, can you see and feel into how that would repel healthy masculine men?

Once you get that wall that repels healthy masculine men out of the way and you start showing up in your feminine energy, your dating life will change dramatically.

And once we implement my 3 step easy filtering formula for high quality masculine men, you will start meeting THOSE men and that will change your whole experience dating.

It will be more fun, more relaxed, more nurturing. You will need to DO way less work.

What most women tell me after just a week or two dating with me as wing woman according to my proven method, this is what I hear the most:

What a RELIEF!

And then they relax and enjoy.

And that’s how, at a rate of 1-2 dates a week we get you to your RIGHT guy in about 3 months or less.

It’s really very simple and I’ve done it over and over with dozens of women.

If you’re single and dating and HATE it and feel exhausted and resentful at all the work you have to do but you WANT to meet a great man, then consider sending me a DM and asking about my 90 day 1-1 intensive.

In that intensive I help you set up your dating profile in “Manglish,” filter easily and quickly for healthy masculine men (in about 20-30 mins every few days), and get out of your own way.

That’s how my clients meet their guy in an average of 3-5 dates up to apx 10 dates.

I would love to help you connect with your dream man in apx 90 days, so send me a DM and ask me about it. I will send a few questions to make sure that we’re a fit and if so, we can get started right away.

Love, Emilia

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