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Where do I meet high-quality men for love?

Where do I meet high-quality men? Which city? Which venue?? Which dating app?

Answer: High-quality men are EXACTLY where the duds are. You have to learn to SORT. You need a method of how to TELL which man is high quality and which man isn’t.


I know! It’s crazy! But it’s true and my clients prove me right over and over when they meet their person online or even at a friend’s party after they learn how to SEE high quality men through working with me.

One client met her guy on match after just 10 dates.

Finding True Love dating Beyond Expectations

One client hired a matchmaker for 5K and still none of the matches were what she was sold. After working with me on healing her father wounds and learning about healthy masculine men, she met her guy at a friend’s party. She had previously sworn up and down to me that ALL her friends were married and there were NO high quality single men anywhere around her.

One potential client living in Orange County was sure that there were no good men left and all the men on the online apps were narcissists, players and weirdos. She did NOT want to date online as she was convinced that Southern CA was full of jerks.

Well I have multiple clients in that area and all over the USA, Canada and Australia and they prove the nay-sayers wrong over and over because they find great healthy masculine men to date and even marry, online. I met my hubby online 12 yrs ago!

One client lived in a small Canadian town and was worried that there wouldn’t be much selection but the minute we got online she was flooded with so much interest she didn’t know what to do with herself.

She got overwhelmed. She no longer had an introductions problem, she had a sorting and filtering problem.

Then you NEED to have effective SORTING tools that will filter out the players, effeminate men and narcissists so that your introductions are with men that are masculine, healthy and ready.
The filtering method I teach is very simple and you can use it to select for high quality men regardless of where the introduction comes from. dating dating dating

The introduction can come from an online dating app such as match, bumble, hinge, zoosk; it can come from a friend, or it can happen organically at a sports bar you happened to be at for your friend’s husband’s b-day bash.

Once you have a TON of introductions coming in because you’re “findable” and approachable on apps or in person, you can be in an abundance mindset and just lean back and let the men show you who they are.

There are going to be men that are playing. There are going to be men that are seriously looking for their partner. There are going to be men you like. And men that bring up stuff that needs to be healed in order for you to be fully in your power and co-creating with your partner, once you meet him.

I spelled out the EXACT filtering method I teach step by step in my previous post. It’s only 3 steps. I also teach it in this checklist which is the “How to Pick the Right Guy” Checklist and you can get it at

If you’re interested in getting my help with implementing this absolute game-changing approach to soulmate attraction, then I invite you to send me a PM and ask about my 90 day 1-1 intensive.

In that intensive we work together on dating in a fun and nurturing manner while having bad ass boundaries and learning to understand men, the masculine and feminine polarity and how to create sacred union so that the energy in the relationship circulates in a healthy and nourishing manner forever. You could still wake up next to your man in 2022. It’s works that well.

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