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Why I have an Amazing Marriage!

It’s very simple why I have an amazing marriage.

1. I am a feminine being and I chose a masculine man. YES! HOTT!

2. I chose a HEALTHY (amazing) masculine man. HOTT!!!

3. I know how to ask for help. HOTTTT!!! (to my hubby lol and sometimes messy, I admit!!!l)

4. I know how to RECEIVE and APPRECIATE help. HOTTT (to my hubby lol)

5. I know how to keep asking and keep receiving. HOTT to my hubby lol

That’s it.

That’s all.

The end.

Getting, here however was close to 20 yrs of inner work, though. It wasn’t just luck! HA!

For #1 – First I needed to learn what a feminine being was and that I was one. Strangely enough, it took me dating a woman in my 20s who transitioned to being a man to GET that.

At the time I had so many wounds with men, I didn’t feel SAFE asking men for ANYTHING.

My father did his best but he was 22 when he had me and not a healthy man and I was not planned.

Recipe for disaster.

But asking a woman to be my man seemed somehow safer.

I could really DO that with her and I did.

The miracle was that she was a man in a woman’s body.

She transitioned to male about 5 yrs later (20 yrs ago) *before it was fashionable.

Isn’t God grand?

For #2 – This one took the deepest work and the longest most sincere efforts.

First I had to understand that men are very different from women. I took Alison Armstrong’s understanding men course and put down the sword of emasculation that the mainstream eggs us on to thrash men with.

That made me safe for men and it made men safe for me. I was no longer at war with them.

Then I needed to heal my own wounds that started with my father who abandoned me in Bulgaria at 6 yrs old when he wanted to emigrate and caused me to armor up my heart so I would never again be abandoned.

Then I needed to forgive the men that hurt me that fell right in line with the patterns my father left as a blueprint.

That healed, I was able to create a connection with a HEALTHY man.

And here we are.

For #3 – I needed to learn this and I learned this in Alison Armstrong’s Queen’s Code.

I did not know what I needed, let’s start there.

Well when you don’t know what you need AND you don’t know how to ask for it you’re pretty SOL LOL.

You can’t ever be in your power because you’re always off balance because your needs aren’t met.

It’s important to go into a recognizance mission within to discover what makes you tick as the feminine being you are.

Then it’s important to learn HOW to phrase your requests to the masculine so that he is are inspired, delighted and nourished to provide.

DONE (although not always perfectly, mind you!)

For #4 – Oooh was this ever a thing to WORK on.

Receiving is VULNERABLE AF.

It’s much easier to just close your heart and build a heart wall and KEEP it there, especially if you’re mad at men in general and then certain men in particular.

It’s so much easier to keep the armor on, that way you never have to risk being hurt.

Will you keep SURVIVING this way? YES. Will you THRIVE? NO.

For #5 – I had to learn to be a greedy woman, fully alive, wet with her desire.

But I am a greedy woman that can be fulfilled.

That’s why I teach you that you’re not needy if your needs can be fulfilled.

You’re only needy if there exists no satisfaction for your needs. Wounds can create those insatiable needs.

For example if you have gripes with men in general and unhealed wounds with men in particular, then of course there WILL BE no amount of things your lover can do to make you feel safe enough, wanted enough, cared for enough in certain areas because of those wounds.

That’s why healing is paramount.

A Wild Woman move.

That’s it!

Now you know and these are the 5 things I help YOU create.

You might be single and dating in which case I help you with dating because I was a disaster that that too lol, until I became a master and now my clients meet their guy in apx 5 introductions, that I help them procure from online dating platforms through my sorting method that WORKS.

But maybe you’re in a relationship and it’s murky or you want to get married to your man but you have hangups.

Or maybe you’re married and not living together but wanting to be a family again.

I can help craft a solution in ALL of the above circumstances because your success requires you to carry out a version of # 1-5 above.

If you know that is you and you’re ready for that HOTT and healthy fulfilling relationship that, then I invite you to send me a DM and ask about my 1-1 90 day intensive.

In that intensive I help you implement the steps above but in the order that you need them, depending on your situation.

I am ready for you if you’ve been reading my posts and wanting to work with me but you were not sure it was the time, consider this your personal invitation….NOW is the time, send me a DM.

I will reply back with a few questions to see if it is a fit and if so we can get started right away.


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