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Can You Inspire Any Man to be a Masculine Man?

If you’re not already dealing with a masculine man, no you can’t “inspire” the masculine in a man.

Let me say this another way: If a man doesn’t have masculine energy operating healthily in him to begin with, you can’t inspire it in him.

Sorry. But also why I needed to broadcast this lol. Too many women waste too much time and energy trying and suffer terribly. The answer? Learn how to pick a healthy masculine man and then inspire HIM!

YES you absolutely CAN inspire the masculine in a man who is ALREADY masculine.

And YES, masculine men respond to women so you CAN inspire a MASCULINE man to bring out more of his masculine by staying in your empowered feminine.

But NO you cannot bring the masculine out in a man if he’s NOT a masculine man.

I posted this on Facebook yesterday and had all kinds of comments and arguments.

Women wrote that they disagree and that anyone can change. And yes this is true.

Anyone CAN change and I see many women change and come into their empowered feminine in my healing programs.

But when it comes to men, what I saw when I went on nearly 500 dates is that men are either healthy masculine or they are NOT.

And if they’re not masculine, you can’t make them be LOL.

If he’s not a masculine man, there’s nothing you can do to “inspire” him into it.

Only he can change it, heal and show up in his authentic divine masculine if that’s what he was hiding behind his wounds/fears/or whatever his reasons that he’s entitled to.

ONE: Decoding Masculinity

There’s also people who are just not masculine people and are in masculine bodies.

AND trying to get masculinity from a man that just isn’t a masculine being is a complete waste of energy and time. What’s that saying, trying to get water from a rock? It’s NOT there.

You can’t inspire a man who isn’t a core polarity divine masculine, is unable or unwilling to embody his masculine (due to wounds/trauma) or is a narcissist, to be masculine.


That is a WASTE OF TIME. You need to pick a healthy masculine man and inspire HIM.

TWO: Here’s an Example of NOT a Masculine Man from my life…

When I was dating I had a man once tell me, “I don’t like this, ‘the ball is always in my court’ feeling.”

At that time I wasn’t sure what he meant but I had done enough polarity work to know this wasn’t a masculine man because healthy masculine men LOVE it when you put the ball in their court.

I can tell you for sure now with my experience working as a coach in this area (and learning about this since I started my own journey to true sacred partnership love 17 yrs ago) that he was simply saying that he didn’t want to lead and generate.

He didn’t LIKE it.

That’s fine. He can feel that way. He was an effeminate man. A wonderful person. Smart, goofy, handsome. He just isn’t a life partner match for a feminine being like me or you if you’re a feminine being.

Like, he would be the kind of man that I could DIE trying to inspire the masculine in him and it would never come out LOL because it is NOT THERE.

There are people who are in masculine bodies but they are NOT masculine men. And there’s nothing you as a woman can do to “inspire” masculine in him if it’s not already there.

WHY they are not masculine or HOW they are not masculine is the subject of a different post. But here I can tell you briefly what I’ve experienced in going on close to 500 dates and coaching hundreds of women in their dating journeys:

  1. their masculinity was wounded through trauma and they have not healed it yet
  2. they do not have a core masculine polarity or what I call a sacred masculine energy which is a soul’s blueprint and way of incarnating here on Earth in a masculine body
  3. they are gay (and yes, gay men can be feminine or masculine)
  4. they are a narcissist or have narcissistic traits
  5. they are simply an effeminate being in a male body (like the man I am writing about above) and there’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with that – these kinds of men make GREAT friends but there can be no eros/chemistry/sexual polarity/sacred sex with them if you’re a feminine woman. Those kinds of men need a masculine core woman. Nothing wrong with that either, those kinds of women DO exist (even though most of us get masculinized through trauma, and men get feminized through trauma as well).

This is the exact behavior of an unhealthy masculine man.

If you read yesterday’s post, you will see who I am speaking about.

And I wanted to point it out because it’s just such a perfect illustration of what I am talking about here. I’ve blocked him so he won’t see this. He poses as a healer but he is not a healthy masculine man. That’s Ok he could still be a great healer. But I doubt it because it’s hard to be great at anything if you’re not aligned with your authentic core polarity.

Men with healthy masculine energy don’t spend their time arguing with women.

They are focused on providing, protecting and helping women.

They don’t want to take anything form women.

They want to give.

They want to give what most matters.

They want to make a contribution.

They are in touch with their healthy sacred/spiritual/divine masculine energy and that energy wants to GENERATE and PROVIDE.

And they look for a feminine woman who can RECEIVE.

They are never gonna waste a second getting in the weeds of a woman’s comments to scheme and bait a woman so they can take her down. It’s just not gonna happen with a masculine man lol.

Three: Seeking the Authentic Masculine Man

I see a LOT of women struggle with understanding what a healthy masculine man is so I made a checklist of the 10 signs of a healthy man and you can get it FREE here:

And if you want my help creating a sacred union with a healthy masculine man then I offer that in my 90 day 1-1 intensive where we work on dating, healing and understanding men and I hold your hand as you integrate that into your love life. If you’re interested in that, just send me a DM and we will have a quick chat over messenger to see if it’s a fit.

I look forward to connecting with you! Emilia 🙂

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