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Why You’re Living Your Best Life, but Still Single

If you’re gorgeous and smart and you have your life together, business rolling, body fit and you’re wondering why you’re still single, here my answer….

To attract real lasting love with a healthy masculine man, you don’t have to be the best version of yourself, LOL, you just have to be the most courageous. It also helps to be receptive and understand the masculine energy just a little bit.

The things that women leaders think make them valuable to a high-quality masculine man are NOT related to you being the best version of yourself!!!

That’s because the “best version of yourself” qualities are what society tells us makes us a valuable woman. It’s also what we put pressure on ourselves to be from our masculine side.

We think that if WE have our life together by our OWN standards, then men will think that too. Only reasonable, right?


Healthy men don’t measure us by the same standards they use to measure themselves.

Like you don’t have to have your finances in order, your business popping and your body the fittest and most toned it’s ever been because you’re doing SoulCycle 5 days a week. NO.

Don’t take this to mean I am saying you shouldn’t feel your best. But again, that’s actually NOT the ingredient that really moves the needle in attracting a HEALTHY masculine man.

What is it?

It’s vulnerability. Which takes courage. A LOT of courage, that’s why I wrote courage above, LOL. Had I written vulnerability I might have lost the alpha female leaders.

You need relationship skills, knowledge and understanding, EVEN IF you’re the best version of yourself. Which you probably already are, because you’re a feminine leader and you’re gorgeous and you’re wondering WHY am I still single??!!

You need to understand men.

You need to understand the masculine.

You need to understand how to STAY in your POWER in relation to the masculine energy WHILE being vulnerable.

This last one is HUGE for so many feminine leaders.

Otherwise you won’t be able to create long-lasting deep love.

That’s because healthy masculine men RESPOND to women.

Healthy masculine men want to lead, provide for and protect their partner.

And if you’re not in your power AND willing to be vulnerable enough to KNOW and COMMUNICATE what it is that you need and want, he CAN’T provide it.

So then does it matter if your business is popping and you’re at your best? NO.

You still won’t be able to create a real lasting connection with a healthy masculine man.

Not if you’re leading with all the reasons that women normally lead with when they think that they’re at their best, such as confidence, ambition, success.

Yes, those are impressive, sure. But they won’t attract or keep a HEALTHY masculine man. Those are not what is valuable to him.


Without that, there’s no giving and receiving flow. It doesn’t matter your levels of business success.

No sacred partnership.

I know, isn’t that crazy? So counter intuitive – but if you’ve been keeping up with my posts you know that sacred partnership busts so many myths about love and it’s truly the foundation of New Earth 5D love.

I am speaking from my experience being in a sacred partnership love marriage and some other sacred partnerships like business and friends as well and those of my clients.

Let me break it down even further.

Each partner is sovereign and IN their power (rather than giving away their power which is how we’re currently taught to do partnership) being fully willing to be responsible for their actions, how they show up and how that affects the relationship.

Can you see how this has little to do with success in other areas of life?

You have the power to create the relationship you most desire.

YOU have the power to influence healthy men to provide the things you most long for.

You have the power to bring your dreams in love to reality.

You have the power to bring out the best in men.

Sacred union love is a rebellious act. It requires balancing our own inner feminine and masculine energies AND balancing with the feminine and masculine energies of our partner as well – in a way that nourishes BOTH.

Because sacred union heals you and everyone that is in your field including Mother Gaia.

Now there is a key caveat that I MUST be very clear about and that is this: THIS ONLY WORKS IF you’ve first selected a healthy masculine man.

If you’re not with a healthy masculine man or you’re with an effeminate man, you won’t experience this.

We are at the dawn of a new age and what’s possible between men and women hasn’t really been possible for several generations back (I think it was possible before that, as in the times of Atlantis, Lemuria and Temple Priestess Matriarchies).

The galactic and energetic codes for sacred union are coming into our atmosphere and cosmic weather and there are SO MANY that are ready for NEW EARTH LOVE.

And if you’ve got LOVE on your radar in the enxt 3-6 months, I invite you to send me a PM and ask about my private 90 day intensive!

That container is an end-to-end journey for dating intentionally so you can meet high quality, healthy masculine men, learning to understand men NOT the way cultural norms depict but the way that they REALLY ARE (which is a compatible and divine counterpart to women).

We also deepen your personal sacred practices by learning to understand yourself as a feminine powerhouse who GETS to have the support and care of a masculine man and understanding how to partner powerfully for forever love.

Our work together is a combination of deep energy and reiki healing, generational healing of your female lineage, your complete love blueprint repatterning and sacred union love activation.

If that resonates I invite you to send me a DM and ask about my 90 days intensive. We will have a quick chat to see if it’s a fit and if so, we can get started right away.

Love, Emilia

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