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Wild Woman Grounded Man is the synopsis of what I teach

Tigger warning: Long post and complex ideas about polarity – read at your own risk lol.

Wild Woman Grounded Man is the synopsis of what I teach. But how do you create that in your relationship and marriage? Read to find out…

I call it Sacred Partnership.

And while I DO use the teachings and foundations laid down for us by John Gray (Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus) and Pat Allen (Getting to “I do”) on POLARITY, I don’t stop there.

Recently I made a post about the nuances of polarity teachings and a woman commented that there is only one polarity teaching. That if I was going to distort the polarity teachings she might as well teach her own version of polarity.

Another woman told me to get a clue and even blocked me lol.

But I am still here. Because I know what I teach is needed for those feminine women who are leaders and visionaries and are seeking a fulfilling union with a masculine man.

Yes polarity teachings are a PART of a healthy relationship. Not the whole thing.

You do need to HONOR polarity in order to create a long term fulfilling balance in your relationship with a masculine man, if you’re a feminine woman, because like I always say – nothing will work if he’s not actually a masculine man.

That’s why all of the dating I teach and all of the relationship tools I teach are engineered back from that ONE concept – how to date for a MASCULINE man and then how to know if he’s healthy and ready for a relationship so you can create a sacred union.

I can’t tell you how many problems this ONE approach solves. I see countless posts online from women suffering from choosing a man who isn’t masculine, isn’t healthy and isn’t ready for a relationship.

Once you know what to look for, it’s actually pretty easy to tell. I teach you how to filter for these men in my “How to Pick the Right Guy checklist” you can get for FREE here and then check your junk folder in case that’s where it landed.

One reader seemed to think that as long as a man is masculine, he’s also healthy. But that is not my experience and not what I teach.

Just because a man is masculine doesn’t mean he’s in his healthy and empowered masculine energy and just because he IS in his empowered masculine energy also doesn’t mean that he’s ready for a committed relationship that leads to a life partnership.

You need to sort for men who have all 3: masculine, healthy, ready. I teach you exactly how in my free guide, “How to Pick the RIGHT guy checklist you can get at and check your spam folder in case that’s where it landed.

And there are MANY of these men.

So to maintain a healthy and fulfilling relationship, you need polarity, yes.

But you also need just a simple understanding of humanity – before you even factor in polarity.

Humanity has two prominent aspects – a survival part we call human animal and a spiritual part we call human spirit.

The survival brain looks for safety, security and it lives in a world of finite resources. It sees the world through the lens of instinct and looks at life as a source of competition for resources and status.

This part of you isn’t bad. This part of you isn’t unevolved. This part of you is PERFECT at its job – to make sure you SURVIVE.

Men and women have a DIFFERENT survival brain. And THAT’s why polarity is important.

The survival part of us is also concerned with procreation and so its instincts absolutely do play a huge part in our mating and dating journey even though no one likes to think of their dating journey as a mating journey, that’s part of what it is, LOL.

If you stop at the mating level of instinct YES you will create a relationship that doesn’t ANTAGONIZE the instincts of the female and male human animal – which are for biochemical reasons – different. And this will avoid a LOT of problems modern women and men have in their romantic relationships, sure.

But if you STOP there….like if you just say as long as I honor polarity and mating instincts in my relationship then I am building a healthy relationship, you are NOT going to create a long term fulfilling relationships if you happen to be a woman on a mission, a woman with a life purpose, a feminine leader.

Because you’re ignoring a whole other aspect of human beings and that is human spirit.

A sacred union is created when yes, our mating instincts are honored and aligned, but we humans are not just instincts.

We also have human spirit – the part of us that is creating, that sees the world through the lens of choice and lives in a world of abundance, partnership, collaboration, and fulfillment.

Another way to illustrate this is through a model most of us learned in school – Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Yes, proper polarity certainly can meet ALL the needs on the bottom of the pyramid such as food, water, safety, home, and even belonging.

But practicing polarity in your relationship will NOT meet your esteem needs (unless all you want in life is to be is someone’s wife and mother and there’s NOTHING wrong with that).

But if you have needs outside of the home like a life purpose that has to do with leadership, teaching and serving humanity, can you see how focusing on polarity in your relationship isn’t enough?

Needs that have to do with the self-actualization of your talents, gifts, and life purpose, can’t be met by polarity.


Spiritual Partnership. Holy Union. Divine Union. Holy Matrimony.

There are many names for this, because it EXISTS.

You must integrate and celebrate the human spirit aspects of yourself and your partner and move beyond instinct.

Another way of saying that is you must take the relationship from the transactional realm (earning and deserving, equating, and compensating) into the reciprocal realm (giving and receiving energy flow).

THAT part of you doesn’t GET a say in the contemporary polarity teachings I am seeing online. |I see absolutely NO ONE talk about this absolutely CRUCIAL aspect of partnering for feminine people who have a mission, who are leaders, visionaries, mystics and YES want to be wives and mothers too.

It’s assumed that to have a successful partnership that lasts and is HOT and fulfilling, all you need is polarity and to honor male and female instinct.

And I am saying YES, you certainly need to honor our biological beings, but what about our spiritual beings?

Enter Sacred Partnership.

Sacred Partnership is a partnership where the biological beings and their instincts ARE honored but the focus isn’t solely on the instincts.

In other words, we honor the instincts of the biological beings so that there is NOTHING holding us back from a spiritual union.

The union of divine feminine and divine masculine.

The union of human spirit energy as it’s expressed through a human female and a human male.

That’s because the spiritual energy is moving THROUGH the filter of a human body, which has a biochemical component.

So just because the BODY has instincts, doesn’t mean that on the level that’s not the body – the soul or the spirit – is androgenous.

And that’s an assumption many people seem to be making or forgetting to talk about.

Souls are NOT androgenous in this dimension 3D-5D. Ultimately, yes in dimensions 12-15 there is no polarity so yes, at that level you can think of souls as being androgenous.

But there are VERY few souls in HUMAN bodies at this time (starseeds) that exist with access to those dimensions or come from those dimensions.

Most of us are human souls and some of us are starseeds (souls form other galaxies and/or dimensions incarnated in human form to have a human experience and also to contribute to the big shift humanity is creating in the moment as part of the galactic community).

On this plane, Souls CHOOSE a vessel which will allow them to EMBODY or INCARNATE in the physical, their desired spiritual experience.

So in most cases, if you’re a man, your soul WANTS you to incarnate and experience the polarity of DIVINE masculine and if you’re a woman, your soul wants you to incarnate and experience and EMBODY the polarity of the divine feminine.

If our souls didn’t WANT this experience of polarity, they WOULD not be incarnated on EARTH at this time.

Yes, there are a few incredible special sacred souls that have embodied on Earth at this time who are not interested in this polarity experience but that is the exception and NOT the rule.

The powers that be would have us diminish this crucial part of our spiritual journey as a human being because removing our polarity obscures our core authentic spiritual identity and actually removes us from God.

Imagine you are a soul that wanted to have the experience of femininity so you chose to be born in a female body and express feminine characteristics, which yes, are supported by your biochemistry and “instincts” here on Earth in your human body.

You came on Earth and suddenly you’re taught that you’re better than men (pitted against your sacred counterpart that you came on Earth to experience union with while in a human body).

You’re taught that your feminine characteristics won’t GET you what you want, and you have bury your femininity in order to ACHIEVE.

This narrative will knock you OUT of the experience you came here to have.

That’s why I feel my work is so important at this time.

Few humans get to experience sacred union as both a feminine and a masculine. Meaning, I know VERY few people who like to be the masculine polarity in some relationship and the feminine polarity in other relationships.

Most women I work with WANT to get to be the feminine polarity as often as possible… NOT just on the 3D level of the body and realm of instincts but ALSO in the 4 and 5D level of divine feminine quality embodiment and expression.

But they don’t want to be STUCK in the feminine polarity all the time. They want to get to enjoy their maculine traits as well. And why shouldn’t we?

Polarity teaches us that if we embody our masculine trairts, we become traitors to our masculine partners. And polarity is a preference, not a life sentence.

There are plenty of times I am in my masculine paying bills nad my husband is in his feminine baking bread with our daughter. It doesjn’t switch our polarity because the MAJORITY of the time I am in my feminine and he is in his masculine. This is advanced partnership I know, but I believe it’s what humanity needs.

And not only that, but also the union with divine masculine qualities and expressions as they are embodied by a human being who is a man who chose a masculine body to have a human experience in for that reason.

So yes, we are here to have that human experience but we’re also here to have a spiritual union. In that spiritual union we experience our true Divinity.

So if we forget all about human spirit and then just teach that as long as you’re connecting on the level of instinct in the proper polarity, all will work much better – I disagree.

There is a narrow distinction and not everyone cares about it LOL.

But if you follow me and like my work then YOU do care about it and you KNOW that polarity matters but so does divinity.

What do you think? I’d love to read your comment below.

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