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Women think that a healthy masculine man in tune with the Divine

Women think that a healthy masculine man in tune with the Divine Masculine is a man who can share and connect with his FEELINGS. This leads women to attract men they can’t fully surrender to.


A healthy masculine man is in touch with his HONOR. He has integrity and follow-through.

Thinking a healthy man should be in touch with his feelings comes from you modeling the divine masculine based on the divine feminine you’ve been seeking and connecting to.

But feminine and masculine energies are not versions of each other.
Where the feminine needs to be in touch with her feelings as a connection to her power and the essence of who and what she truly is, a man needs to be in touch with his honor and integrity.

A man in touch with his feelings isn’t a sign of a healthy man, a masculine man or a man that’s ready for a connection like sacred union.
A man walking in his power and in integrity and honor is a trustworthy healthy masculine man.

It’s actually often a man who has learned that “sharing feelings” feelings is attractive to women, so he displays those characteristics as a way to seduce and magnetize women. But there is little integrity to his character; he lacks honor and follow-through. You can’t count on him. This is NOT a healthy man.

Healthy masculine men don’t exhibit the trait that women consider, “in touch with their feelings.”

It doesn’t mean they are NOT in touch with their feelings.

It just means that that’s not what masculine men lead with. And experiencing themselves as “in touch with their feelings” isn’t the primary empowering and self-boosting ingredient for a masculine being.
It’s not how men show other men, the world and women that they are trustworthy.

In a man’s world, the measuring stick is honor and integrity.

A man’s integrity basically comes to this: can he be counted on?

If he can’t be counted on, in a man’s world, he’s not a valuable asset to the tribe because no one can trust him.

That’s why in the old days of Kings and Queens, a man’s honor and word, was everything.

Now don’t come for me, I am not saying women aren’t count-on-able or honorable. I am just saying in a woman’s world, the most trustworthy woman is the one you can CONNECT with, not the one you can COUNT ON.

Women often don’t know to look for integrity and honor FIRST as an indicator of a man’s mental and emotional health and “intact masculinity.” Instead women rely on emotional connection because that’s what a woman sees as most valuable.

This approach will have you attracting effeminate men, wounded men or narcissists and the relationship will drain and frustrate you and it most likely won’t have a direction or a sense of progress. You will never get your deepest needs met from this kind of relationship.

Power couples know this. Prosperous and passionate partnerships know this. And practice this.

Some single women dating and deflating don’t yet know this hence why I decided I needed to write about this.

If a man doesn’t show you he has integrity, don’t rely on the emotional connection you might share as an indication of his trustworthiness or potential.

A man who doesn’t have integrity isn’t safe or trustworthy.

The feminine needs to feel safe and often seeks that in the masculine through emotional connection. There is NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS. But it’s not natural to healthy masculine men to “connect” this way and if you don’t yet understand this about men, you will pick the wrong men and/or suffer in your relationships.

Men’s emotions are deep and complicated and whether or not they can express them is actually pretty irrelevant to the health of their personal sense of masculinity.

Trust me they have them. They know what they are. They might take a little longer to access them and share them, if asked, but they are there.
What they are NOT is men’s guiding light, men’s place of safety or sense of self the way “feelings” are for women.

These are subtle differences to write about so pls bear with me as I try to find the words to describe this deep and valuable wisdom that has been lost. Pls feel free to ask me questions that may help me clarify this message for you and other women who need it.

This wisdom needs to be reclaimed, re-owned and re-membered so that women and men can create sacred union once again. Sacred Union 5D love will bring in New Earth.

The women who know this and live by it are NOT generally having problems with me because if they understand THIS, they understand that men are NOT a version of women. It’s the women who want to argue and fight me on this that need it the most.

Yes there are nuances and subtleties and yes, we all have both healthy and wounded feminine and masculine energy/parts.

However, human beings are, in general, biochemically and spiritually gendered.

Each human being has a core polarity; masculine or feminine, that they’re coming into earth to embody and once you embody that core polarity you are able to connect on every level with your complement.

If you’re sick of dating the wrong men and taking long detours in the wrong relationships then this kind of deep healing and wisdom is just one of the areas we work on to help you find love in my 90 day 1-1 intensive.

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