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You can only heal your trust issues when you’re in a healthy love relationship.

You can only heal your trust issues when you’re in a healthy relationship.

You can’t heal them at HOME, alone, in bed. Sorry. LOL

Relationship is the blank page upon which you get to SEE your level of mastery or lack thereof.

This is coming from me, a master who was once a disaster.

Navigating the Relationship Arena

That’s why when I accept women into my 1-1 90 day private intensive container for dating, healing and partnership with men – I make sure they are already dating or about to start.

You need to be in the arena.

Yes, you can just stay out of the relationship arena, sure. That’s your choice.

But then if you never venture into the relationship arena, what will you never have?

Yes, that’s right.

A relationship.

But if you’d like to be IN the arena, daring greatly, then here’s your lady manual. It’s also exactly how my clients go from 0 trust in men to 100% trust in HEALTHY men within 3 months.

And this allows them to create the deep connection with the divine masculine man they’ve been yearning for – and you can create that, too.

The 7 Essential Shifts: A Roadmap to Healing Trust Issues in 90 Days

Here’s HOW:

1. You learn HOW to tell a healthy man from an unhealthy one, this time. *If you sign up for my e-mails at you will get the HOW to pick the RIGHT guy checklist as well as the 10 signs of HEALTHY man which will spell this out step by step.

2. You learn HOW to date intentionally and abundantly without getting caught up in month-long or even year-long dating drama. I spell out my 3 step sorting method for you in the HOW to Pick the RIGHT guy checklist. Get it here:

3. You come to know WHAT in your life caused the trust issues and with my help, we HEAL it. Like we disappear it. Yes, we do that. It’s still a memory or a fact, but it comes to a place of peace and resolution where it no longer carries an emotional charge. And we do this WITHOUT faking or forcing, using a combination of Sedona Method and Reiki.

4. You come to understand that trusting a man is YOUR CHOICE on YOUR timeline and no one else’s. He gets to show you who he is and if he’s worthy of your trust in the way I teach you to date.

5. You come to understand that YOU have the power to influence and inspire healthy masculine man to provide what’s most important to you, by communicating it. This gives you a sense of power and agency – that you’re not a passive observer even though as the feminine, you are the receiver.

6. YOU know you don’t have to receive anything that makes you feel uncomfortable and you fully trust that you are able to know that, communicate it and surrender to the healthy masculine man you’ve wisely chosen to practice with for the moment, for the long term, or forever.

7. You pick a man who you trust 1000% to lead you into the heart of your surrender with his grounded presence, unwavering integrity and deepest cherishing and commitment.

And most of my clients get there in about 3 months which is the length of my 1-1 intensive.

When you’ve helped hundreds of women heal and attract healthy reciprocal love that lasts, you kinda know your way around the mechanics and energetics of it.

Without trust, you won’t ever have healthy love. But you can heal your trust issues in just 3 months and attract healthy love that lasts.

And I can help! In my 90 day 1-1 intensive I help women make the 7 shifts above so they can attract an abundance of healthy masculine men and take their pick.

We work on healing any wounds or programming that’s keeping you from claiming your self-trust and full healing and empowerment.

And we work on how to partner with the masculine energy in men to create an energy flow within the relationship that nourishes you and your partner forever.

If you’d like to meet your man in the next 3-6 months and KEEP him forever – then I invite you to send me a DM and ask about the intensive. I will respond back with a few questions to see if we’re a fit and if so, we can get started right away.

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