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You can’t have healthy love with an Unhealthy man.

You can’t have a healthy relationship with an unhealthy man , even if you’re healthy.

You can’t change him, either. That would be co-dependance.

So what’s a girl to do?

  1. Understand what is a healthy masculine man. You can get my guide on the 10 signs of a Healthy Man here.
  2. PICK a healthy masculine men who is ready for a relationship. You can get my guide on EXACTLY, like step by step on how to do that here.
  3. Do your inner healing, every bit of which will be demonstrated to you if you sincerely work to implement #1 and #2 above. If you need help with healing from heartbreak, claiming your emotional freedom from past unhealthy relationships and patterns, healing family of origin wounds, narcissistic abuse recovery, forgiveness, compassion and releasing long-standing conditions that you’ve tried everything else with, book a private 1-1 call with me to see if I can help here

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