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Is Your Relationship with the Divine a Flop?

You can’t have a healthy and fulfilling partnership as a feminine woman with your masculine man if your relationship to the Divine is a flop.

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In Native American Spiritual Teachings, Mother Earth is the negative polarity, the receptacle. The feminine polarity. The creatrix. The one who gives birth to life from the void.

Then we have Father sky. Father Sky looks over, surrounds, and emits energy to Mother Earth and hence she’s able to create. Father sky is the masculine or positive polarity.

Mother Earth receives Father’s energy and then manifests, gives birth, creates.

That is Divine Union. The energy exchanged is LOVE. It flows from positive (masculine) to negative (feminine). This is how love works in humans, too. Love IS manifestation. It’s scientifically proven and I am going to spell out how right here.

And then when love flows, it flows for life, because did you ever see Mother Earth and Father Sky get a divorce? They don’t need to. What they’ve got going WORKS for them, and for US, thank goodness, lol.

They work in tandem, together to create our whole REALITY.

Two polarities in this universe. Divine feminine, and divine masculine.

When you combine them together you get Divine Creation and you get LIFE. It is rooted in we are all one, we are all part of divine creation and we work together through he masculine and the feminine to create life and to create Heaven on Earth.

Why aren’t Indigenous teachings (which I spent 18 yrs studying with Lakota, Blackfoot and Apache elders, btw) among the most popular or promoted spiritual practices on Earth?

Because the powers that be don’t WANT it so. And it’s for a reason. It’s not rooted in control and slavery the way religious institution usually roll.

What modern day common mainstream ideology taches isn’t to be divine masculine or divine feminine, it teaches us to be MUTED, as Megan Rose calls it in her YouTube channel.

Programming shame and guilt into your subconscious from the age of a child so you CAN’T create sacred union.

Fill in the blanks in the comments…..there are SO MANY things.

Shame for masculinity – men are shamed for being…
Shame for femininity – women are shamed for being…

The masculine energy is the protector of the feminine. When you remove the divine feminine, the divine masculine has no purpose, no passion, nothing to protect, so it becomes control.

It starts to become inverted because there’s nothing for it to add to or to emit to and therefore it needs to SUCK energy and TAKE.

The same happens with the feminine. If she doesn’t know how to receive, she inverts in on herself, becoming an energetic black hole.

And then there is NO creation. Anti-Christ. Narcissism. Energetic Vampirism which is the antithesis of Sacred Union.

We’ve been taught to give worship and our energy to an inverted polarity and not to wholeness.

War on men started in the 60s. Women were raised without healthy masculinity. We continued to replicate this in our relationships. We didn’t get the fatherly love we so deeply needed and so we kept meeting wounded men who don’t ADD to our experience. We were perfectly primed by the feminist movement to give our energy away. We became the black holes. This is the same replication over and over until you break it and learn how to receive energy from Divine source and Divine masculine.

Stop giving your sacred power and energy away to these ideas and models. The New Earth starts with you and me.

When you’re a feminine woman and you’re with your masculine man you will MANIFEST your dreams and desires so much more easily and quickly than you would on your own. Seven times more easily and quikcly, in fact.

This is a scientifically proven fact, believe it or not, but again something we didn’t learn in school so that’s why I am here.

Princeton’s lab manager for the anomalies in engineering lab, Brenda Dove, presided over multiple experiments under Dr. Robert John, the Dean of Princeton’s engineering department. Here is masculine shielding and providing for feminine, btw.

This lab studied how human intention, psychokinesis and manifestation can and DOES affect instrumentation – both electronic AND mechanical.

There was 20 years’ worth of data that these effects are VERY real.

And there are fascinating findings about how this manifests with masculine and feminine people.

They carried out a body of experiments looking at co-operators.

This was two people attempting to have an effect together simultaneously on any of the machinery.

It turns out that when the two people were the same sex, their results were close to chance.

But when they were opposite sex, a male and a female operator, working together, they would get effects that were about twice as large as what they got as INDIVIDUALS.

And it doesn’t end there.

If the male and female were a couple and there was LOVE between them, a bonded pare, as they called them, they were getting results that were almost 7 times larger than what they produced individually.

The males got the results in the direction they wanted, but their effects were very small, Brenda observed.

The females got a big effect, but they were not always correlated with their intention HAHA – any feminines out there RELATE? I do, lol.

In other words, for the women, these effects were not correlated with their direction of intention but they got a LARGE, albeit unfocused, effect. Men added targeting and focus to the intent. The men could get what they wanted, but not get a lot of it.

So what’s the conclusion?

Men and women both manifest, but they do it differently.

Women add energy to the intent. Men add focus to the intent.

Love magnifies manifestation power by 70%. That’s becuase LOVE is polarity ALREADY FLOWING!

How have you seen this in your personal life or others’ lives?

These days with all of the wars on the sexes constantly pitted against each other, it’s extremely rare and COUNTER CULTURE for a man and a woman to join together to co-create their intentions.
Well they might want to, but they don’t know how to choose the right person and to make it last. Well I can teach you if you’re a feminine woman. I don’t’ work with men, sorry.

That’s why they powers that be, stoke the gender issues.

And now you know why the wars on the sexes, on this SACRED UNION, this POWERFUL manifesting PARTNERSHIP is constantly under attack by the POWERS that be.

That’s why I am here! Because this is NOT how you, my dear feminine woman who is a creatrix wants to live. I know you have big dreams and a big mission and great power. Guess what? Your Divine masculine will HELP you get there 7 times faster and in more ways than you can presently imagine. And you will help him.

You can have a healthy, fulfilling and blow-your-mind successful relationship with a masculine man and I, yes, me, I can show you how to attract him, deeply connect with him, marry him and keep him!!!! I have been in such a partnership for 13 yrs! We travel all over the world, we have a daughter and a brand new home with heated floors, it goes on like he helped me get my dream – a horse – but I am just not one of those braggy people about how much of this or that I have!

My clients meet their match in as few as 5 dates using my proven, personally curated process and the average is 3-6 months at a rate of 1-2 dates per week but I am ALSO seeing this SPEEDING up with my most recent clients!

There is no reason to have us fight among one another but to keep us from manifesting world peace, solutions to EVERY. SINGLE. PROBLEM. that plagues our dear Earth today.

The data shows time and time again that when a loving bonded couple cooperate with a singular intention they can literally affect the fabric of reality and space time.

Isn’t’ that what you’re up to?

BE PART OF THE CHANGE. CREATE A SACRED union in your life. DM me for help with this!

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