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You can’t TAKE the right, aligned, healthy love actions

You can’t TAKE the right, aligned, healthy actions when dating because your unhealed WOUNDS are emotionally driving your behaviours.


I know you know that your results in relationships with men
aren’t simply because online dating sucks. I know you know that it has to do at least somewhat with you, right?

I don’t recommend you go to therapy though, because you probably have already done that and it didn’t get you permanent healing, did it?

I do really want to say as someone who’s done a TON of therapy, that’s actually why I became a coach because it was COACHING that healed all my emotional wounds and allowed me to attract a healthy masculine man and not therapy.

I was considering getting my PhD in Psychology and I could have. But I felt I would be going down the traditional education rabbit hole again and I just knew there was so much more to why relationships weren’t working out than what I saw taught in psychology.

Take polarity, for example. No psychologist talks about that. Well, I know one.

Take dating and what to look for first and foremost before you waste any time “connecting.” I am going to tell you right here, you should look for healthy masculinity if you’re a feminine woman.

Because it doesn’t matter if he brings you flowers or likes the same breed of dog you do or wants to travel, it WILL NOT WORK if he’s not a healthy masculine man.

And then take the principles of nourishing energy flow between partners that are together. I don’t know ANYONE that talks about what that even is. But I do!

All of my dating coaching is INTENTIONALLY back engineered from that one crucial part of a healthy relationship – energy flow.

If you don’t have nourishing energy flow, neither partner is giving or getting what they need so it will SUCK for both of you and it won’t last.

The energy needs to flow from the masculine person to the feminine person and the feminine person needs to RECEIVE and then reciprocate. Oh so much to teach you, so little time!!!!

So ya, I am doing this. Who is gonna show you how to have a long-lasting HOT marriage connected on every level?

It’s gonna be ME!

Therapy was good so I wouldn’t feel alone but after a while I was sick of just talking about my problems and wounds from the past, I wanted SOLUTIONS.

I do want to share that my healing specialty is in extreme emotional freedom and I have multiple tools to heal ALL wounds permanently by REMOVING the emotional energy associated with them.

My clients say that they remember that something “bad” happened mentally but they don’t feel an emotional charge associated with it and so they can make different choices and take different actions in dating and with men and in other areas of their lives. This is when they really start to see changes in their relationships.

So if you’re in a place where you want to attract a loving and healthy partnership but you keep attracting the wrong men, I really recommend you consider chatting with me because honestly I believe I can help you much faster and much deeper than things like therapy.

Like in 3 months you’d be where it might take 5 or 10 yrs to get to with therapy and I really don’t think I’m exaggerating because I’ve seen it with myself and my clients who did the work and are now in amazing partnerships.

You can too!!!! I can help – this is my specialty because women can’t TAKE the right actions in dating when their wounds are driving.

That’s why we need to heal them. Send me a PM if you want help!

Love, Emilia

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