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Breaking Love Patterns & Finding True Connection in 90 Days

If you’re in your 30s and 40s, single, dating and longing for real love, but you still have not met the “one,“ it’s generally NOT because all the good men are taken.

It’s not because dating aps suck and it’s not because it gets harder as you get older.

It’s not because your city has no good men and it’s not because you live in the boonies (my husband drove an hour to see me several times a week when we were dating and any healthy available man who wants a woman will do that).

These are what the problem appears to be on the surface.

After looking under the hood of many women’s relationship situations or non-situations, I can tell you the problem.

You’re actually a sincere and honorable person and deep down you subconsciously know you’re not ready or able to create the kind of love you dream about.

You might even be stuck repeating old patterns and even though you can logically see what’s not working, you can’t emotionally shift out of it.

Breaking Generational Cycles: Understanding Your Love Blueprint

You’re nose to the grindstone doing your inner work to be the best version of yourself you can be.

But if when it comes to love there’s a struggle, a seemingly inordinately long delay, and you just don’t know what’s up with your love astrology – it might be because you’re actually committed to ending generational cycles of unhealthy, unequal or unfulfilling relationships.

You’re doing a BIG job in your ancestral line.

None of this helps, however, when you’re 39, want babies and at yet another friend’s wedding and you look around wondering how come it seems like everyone else has got their life together.

The reason you feel like you’re late to the party is because you had a huge setback.

The setback is what was modeled to you and is the only model for love you know.

And for many of us, this IS a HUGE setback.

Some of us get to it sooner, some of us get to it later.

It’s 2023 and your soul came here to break the patterns of settling, sacrificing and playing small in love FOREVA.

If we came from dysfunctional families, those tools were not available to our ancestors, so they couldn’t do the work WE can (get to) do. Yay!

Setback or not, you’re ready to call real love in and what you’ve been doing doesn’t seem like it’s working.

You need a combination of stealth quantum spiritual healing, smart and savvy dating skills that weed out time wasters and powerful partnering tools that position you as a quality confident woman who’s got what it takes to succeed in love.

The Four Common Love Scenarios: Where Do You Find Yourself?

Getting in the weeds with many clients, there are just 4 main scenarios I see and they all need the solution above, which I will repeat below.

  1. You get married young. The relationship doesn’t go well because you repeat the dysfunctional dynamics you saw in your family of origin.

You may have gone to therapy and done a lot of personal work but despite all of that, the blueprint for your worth and what you deserve in love was a subconscious pattern that you didn’t know was there and therefore you couldn’t break.

You married the wrong man, had some kids (or didn’t) and are now committed to never repeat that again – and to somehow – in some way, model healthy love and relationships for your children.

  1. The second scenario is, you’re a late bloomer when it comes to love.

You’ve dated with varying success but not really present and intentional about the process because you’re afraid.

You’re afraid deep down that you will create the pattern you saw in your family of origin.

Dissatisfaction, subverted emotional abuse, passive aggressive jabs, withdrawal, emotional blackmail, or worse.

You have done therapy and excavating the past so you have some vague ideas about the dysfunctional dynamics, but in the end, talk therapy hasn’t really helped you change the pattern.

You can tell, because you keep attracting the wrong men and getting your heart broken.

Deep down you’re too afraid to really try, to really put yourself out there, to really ask for what you want, to really share how you feel.

You can’t bear the thought of more emotional rollercoasters and heartbreak and you need to keep your head straight to keep up with life.

  1. The underlying blueprint for unhealthy love (love + abuse) never gets broken and you become like some of the women who contact me for help after 3 or 4 marriages to basically the same kind of person (a version of their family of origin dynamic between their mother and father).

“I don’t want to die without ever experiencing true love,” they say.

  1. Or you give up and acquiesce to your cats being your valentine date and if that’s the case and you’re reading this, you might be ready for an upgrade. Just sayin.

In all 4 cases, you need a combination of stealth emotional and spiritual healing, smart and savvy dating skills that weed out time wasters and powerful partnering tools that position you as a quality confident woman who’s got what it takes to succeed in love.

From Solo to Soulful: A 90-Day Intensive to True Love

If you see yourself in these words here, I’ve got a solution for you.

And if you’re a single woman currently dating and you’re sick of attracting the wrong men and you want to create lasting, fulfilling love, then I have an amazing offer for you.

It takes you from point A (single, dating, feeling unmet and unseen in relationships even though you’re successful in many other areas) to point B (attracting an equal match and reciprocal hot love based on a true soul connection that you’re both ready to commit your lives to).

The journey is 90 days, in the form of a 1-1 intensive.

We work on breaking the cycle, attracting healthy reciprocal love by dating discerningly, effectively and intentionally and learning to partner powerfully for passion and power.

My average client goes from point A to point B in only 3 months in as few as 10 dates.

If you’re interested in this offer, just send me a PM and we will have a quick chat over messenger to see if it’s a good fit.

If so we can get started right away and you can still meet your dream guy before the end of 2023!!!

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