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You Don’t Have to Be Logical With A Healthy Masculine Man

No you don’t have to be LOGICAL when you’re with a truly masculine man.

That’s the beauty of the masculine.

A truly masculine man will cherish the feminine NOT EXPECTING her to be anything other than she is (the way we expect men to have feminine qualities like sharing their feelings, talking to us like a girlfriend and saying/doing the things a woman would say/do when we need them).

You can fall to pieces with a masculine man and he will hold you without insisting that you be rational, logical or make any sense.

He will be there to comfort and protect you.

And you can flow into your ecstatic states of bliss and joy and he won’t stop you, telling you to be practical and logical.

He will celebrate with you.

He will ground you just by his presence.

He will tether you to the physical when you’re moving in the spiritual, in a good nurturing and supportive way.

This is what a feminine woman most deeply wants and needs.
A man who has her back, so she can fully surrender into her ecstacy and into her pain.

The masculine.

The Divine Masculine.

The protector, provider, lover, giver and rock.

And when you’re in a relationship with that kind of man, he supports you, shows up for you and has your back in a way you’ve never dreamt possible.

Simply because he’s chosen you, you’re his woman and he’s not on the fence about you.

He’s all in.

That’s the beauty of the masculine.

When they choose us they’re done.

They’ve made their choice, they’ve made their stand.

They don’t choose us and then wish to change ANYTHING about us.

They buy the whole package.

They’re not like women can be, sometimes being on the fence about the man they marry and even have children with, criticizing him privately to her friends and wondering out loud if she’s with the right man.

You won’t find a man doing that. Ever.

Not a healthy masculine man.

Once they commit to a woman, that’s the end of that.

When they are in, they are ALL in.

That’s the beauty of the masculine.

Where are these men? Women ask me.

They are everywhere, but you can’t SEE them if you’re LOOKING through LENS of LOGIC.

You can only SENSE them through your body when you’re in your feeling, feminine state.

That’s why I coach women to turn into a girl an hour before the date by dancing, reading a book, relaxing with a purring cat, taking a bath, whatever gets you in your body, breathing and in your flow.

Because it’s our BODY that will tell you which men you’re safe with and which men aren’t safe – emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Your body KNOWS.

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