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You don’t have to be “ON” for love dating. 

If you feel dating is exhausting and you have no bandwidth for it, it’s because you’re dating to CONNECT (which is exhausting, generative/masculine), when you should be dating to SELECT (restful, easeful/feminine).


Dating is NOT connecting!!!! 

When I tell you to multiple date, I don’t mean CONNECT.

What I mean is more like “PLAY” or “ENJOY” or “BE NURTURED” so you can SELECT a man that you feel good around, like and admire.

What if instead of meeting to “connect,” which is a ton of generative/masculine energy work, you just meet to “practice receiving” and “enjoy masculine energy” and “interplay feminine and masculine energy,” with a male person who you already know will be in his masculine polarity so you won’t have to work so damn hard? 🤯

How you know he’s already in his masculine is something I teach in my 90 day 1-1 intensive but you can get it for FREE here if you follow this RIGHT guy checklist I created for single spiritual women dating for their divine masculine man:

OR here:

Yep that’s how my clients attract their soulmate for a long term committed relationship headed towards marriage with a high quality man in as few as 10 dates without draining dating or drama!!!! 🤯

Dating is like going to the gym, there is a way to exercise that works and is effective (like doing exercises in sets, resting and gradually increasing weight, etc) and a way that doesn’t work (jumping into max weight you can possibly lift every single day at the gym for 3 hours a day, etc) LOL

One will give you consistent results over time and the other one will drain you, exhaust you, make you sore LOL and you will naturally give up!

Dating is the same way. 

Here’s the things to know about my “minimum effort for maximum results,” dating without having to be “ON” with the result being you meet your high value masculine man ASAP.

1. Feminine people like estrogen-based women are connectors. Even if they are introverts, they enjoy the feeling of human connection, building relationships, exchanging ideas, etc.

2. Because Feminine people are connectors, on a date, they try to ….you guessed it, CONNECT

3. Connecting with multiple people in a short period of time is EXHAUSTING for FEMININE people, even for extroverts (because feminine energy regenerates in nurturing, self-focused, peaceful moments)

4. Gearing up to CONNECT (or be “ON”) multiple times a week with strangers is DRAINING especially if they ghost or don’t even have ONE masculine hair on their head

5. The things above are spending feminine juice for NO GOOD REASON so I will never ask you to do them and nor should any other dating and relationship coach

And no, that’s not selfish because a masculine person embodying his masculine polarity will enjoy generating the CONNECTION.


He will enjoy YOU enjoying his masculine energy and interplaying with your feminine energy much more than he would enjoy you doing the “CONNECTING.”

Meaning, you’re providing MORE for a man when you’re doing LESS.

Men describe their experience of feminine energy like being plugged into the universe. But when you’re ON that’s actually masculine energy.

So don’t be ON, lol, be OFF. 🙀

When I say multiple date, I mean meet a man you’ve vetted as masculine energy and, drum roll, ENJOY being in your feminine energy and feeling into his masculine energy.

That’s it, that’s all the, end.

Meet an average of 1-2 men a week in this low-pressure, fun way and you’ll be on your way to being engaged before the end of 2022.

That’s how my clients meet their person in an average of 3- 6 months at a rate of 1-2 dates per week.

That’s all multiple dating is. 🙀

If you want my help connecting with your person in a fun and easy, nurturing way, that takes very little energy, effort and time compared to how you’re most likely currently dating, I teach all of this step-by-step in my 90 day 1-1 intensive.

In that intensive we also heal any triggers as they come up in the dating journey as well as learn about men, the masculine energy and how to partner powerful for long-lasting love.

If you’re looking for your masculine man and you want my help, just send me a PM on Facebook and we’ll have a quick chat over e-mail to see if my 3 month 1-1 intensive is a good fit. 🙂


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