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Intentional love Dating: A Guide to Finding Meaningful Connections Online

No, you don’t have to duty date and you don’t have to waste your time slogging through online profiles of men.

You just have to date INTENTIONALLY.

Your clear intention for what you’re using the online dating platforms for will allow you to circumvent over 99% of bullxxxx.

If you’re sincerely seeking love, then here’s how to use the online platforms for introductions to high-quality men.

You can date with 0 games and meet your soulmate in as few as 10 dates and in an average of 25 dates. That is the average time it takes my clients meet their masculine equal match and fall in love and start planning a future together within 6 months, without a ton of effort, wasted time, or struggle.

So, set an intention with your dating journey. Examples of intentions are:

· I want to meet my soulmate ASAP

· I want to meet my life partner this month

· I want to meet a fxxx buddy this week (be specific here too – it might sound easy to find a fxxx budy but don’t you want a sober one? Or one who respects you?)

· I want to meet a masculine man who honors my power on my next date

Strategies for Finding Meaningful date in the Digital Age

It’s impossible to create physical things without an intention, vision or goal. Everything you see in this world that is manifest was created twice – once in a person’s mind or vision, and once again in physical reality (I forgot who said this, pls post in comments if you know).

So just a reminder that your house, lavish hotels and even small appliances like remote controls are built with schematics first.

Someone envisioned what the thing would be and function as prior to building it.

So, if you can be equally intentional with your dating, you will create miracles like attracting Mr. Right in as few as 10 dates!

But you have to be honest with yourself.

Don’t intend, “I want to meet my soulmate” just to test the universe, if you know you’re not ready to settle down, commit to one man or be faithful.

If that is your case, then start smaller – intend for a masculine man that honors your power. Or intend for a date with a man that inspires you.

So once you have a clear intention, then you can date according to that intention.

It floors me that many successful women who go to great lengths to plan intricate projects for their businesses or companies have not considered approaching dating with the same amount of preparation and clarity, especially once you decide you want to meet your life partner.

But let’s say you do decide that you’re ready to meet your soulmate and you’re going to date with that intention in mind. Use online dating as a source of introductions.

Post an ad in Bumble, Hinge or Match or all 3. I even like the Facebook dating feature which you can find under your settings. There is no shortage of dating apps.

I do not believe you need to spend hours writing a profile that tells the reader about you and your unique attributes to find a soulmate.

This is a mistake many women make because they think men actually read them. And it’s not that men DON’T read them, it’s just that the details that women think are important, are actually NOT that important to high quality men.

Believe it or not here are the most important details to a man in your dating profile; is it real, are the photos recent, is writing to her worth it (my time and energy).

So write a profile that addresses all 3, in “manglish,” and you will increase your responses tremendously. Then you need to know how to quickly and effectively sort through the messages which I teach in my 1-1 90 day intensive.

Include in your profile your recent photo, honest and succinct description of your dating intention, honest description of your life circumstances such as age and appearance and current family arrangement.

That’s IT!

Here’s an example:

Hi, my photos are from Jan, 2022.

I am curvy and I like to travel.

I don’t have any kids/I have 2 kids and they live at home full time/I have 1 kid and he’s at home part time.

I am looking for a long-term relationship leading to marriage and family OR I am looking for a gentleman to share my life with in a relationship that leads to marriage without children….

OR I’m ready for soulmate love and I have 2 children that would be part of a part-time blended family and I’m open to your children, but I wouldn’t want more children of my own. Your correctly-spelled message with a profile photo gets mine.

THAT’S IT! You’ve just addressed all 3 of his most pressing questions above and made it super easy for him to respond if he’s a match.

Many women are afraid this will put off men.

And they are right!

But you do *actually* want to put those off that will be put off by this because otherwise they are wasting your time!

Also, to women it appears cheesy and desperate to write the last sentence but remember that masculine men are literal and even in a live interaction, men will usually make the first move if they are invited or if we “drop the handkerchief.”

Remember a sincere man looking will be going through multiple profiles and it’s not that he will be afraid of rejection, it’s that he will want to be effective and efficient in his use of energy so this is helping him do just that!

I will share more about how to “drop the handkerchief” in person in another post.

If you’re a single woman ready for her divine masculine counterpart, I have an amazing 1-1 offer that is designed to have you meet your masculine match in an average of 3-6 months, but in as few as 10 dates.

In that program we work on implementing intentional dating so that you can attract high quality, masculine men who want a long term committed relationship or marriage.

We also work on cleaning your slate in the process to remove any blocks, wounds or unhelpful beliefs that stop you from manifesting love.

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