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You Must Drop The Heart Wall

The reason you’re still single even if you’re dating, hired a matchmaker and done ALL the things is because you have your heart wall up.

NONE of the things will work to attract a healthy masculine man if your heart isn’t open and available.

You may meet healthy masculine men on your dating journey but if your heart wall is up, you will repel them.

You may be gorgeous and financially stable and kind and generous and loving (to your dog lol) but if your heart wall is up, you will NEVER connect with the masculine in the way that you deeply long to do.


You may get into relationships, sure.

You may end up with men that look good on the outside.

On paper.

On their profile.

The Power of an Open Heart in Dating

You may end up on a trip to Cabo paid for by your current lover.

But if your heart isn’t open, you will never really feel MET.

You will feel like men are angry, like men want to put you in a box, like men are not sincere.

You will feel like men want a mommy, they want a trophy, or they don’t see everything you have to offer that isn’t on the outside.

You will be all over the emotionally unavailable title for men.

But if your heart isn’t open, you can’t actually TELL if that is ACTUALLY the case or not.

From Defense to Courage: Embracing Vulnerability

Because you can’t SENSE with your feminine magic.

You’re shut off from it.

You use your intellect to select and then you always feel disappointed in the men you end up with.

Because you’re not held.

You’re not met.

You don’t feel cherished.

You know you’re not safe.

It might be a fun affair.

But you know long term this man doesn’t have your back.

I know because I have been there personally.

And I help many of my clients through that professionally.

If you have at all wanted to work with me in the area of sacred partnership, healing your feminine soul, creating an empowered love life whether that’s in dating for marriage or with your man, this is your LAST CHANCE to join my healing everything program starting TODAY!

You feel you’ve done everything.

Your mind struggles to grasp what you could possibly be missing after all the work you’ve done.

You’ve been chewed up and spit out in the dating world again and again.

It’s been hell and full of pain and one bitter disappointment after another.

And you want me to do WHAT, Emilia???!!!

Open my heart?!!!!

Um, gulp, no thanks I’ve already been hurt more than I can bear.

And it IS an oxymoron, isn’t it.

Such a divine dichotomy.

You’re out there, searching, learning, efforting.

Maybe you’re even settling, compromising, sacrificing and playing small.

You’re going on dates, putting on the lipstick, doing the hair, the high heels.

But there are just no good men.

That’s your experience.

And you’re RIGHT.

Because the CONNECTION that you’re SEEKING does not lie in the dimension you’re seeking it in.

The thing you most yearn for isn’t available at this address.

Finding Authentic Connection with Your Feminine Heart

You’re efforting in mostly the wrong ways.

You’re using your intellect and brain power and NOT your heart.

Further perhaps you’re even afraid to use your heart.

It seems as if your heart has led you astray many times.

Be even MORE vulnerable?

Be even MORE exposed?

I know you’re going to read this and think I am crazy.

But there are going to be some of you that take a deep breath of relief and resonate with this message.

And if that’s you I want you to know I still have 2 spots open in my healing everything program so you can DROP the HEARTWALL.

This is THE program for finding the way to relinquish your defenses.

And you will find that the HEART – the COUR in Latin is where the word COURAGE comes from.

It will be JUST as scary to date with your heart open as it was with your heart closed.

It will be JUST as unpredictable, uncertain and at times unkind, yes.

But THIS time you will have COURAGE.

See you think by going out and putting yourself out there and meeting men, you’ve been brave.

But if you’ve been doing it with a closed heart, my dear you haven’t been.

That’s the problem.

That’s the reason you’ve been efforting SO FN MUCH and still you’re not where you want to be – in the arms of the man who has GOT you.

I know I know. I have been there too.

My chiropractor that was married and sweet, masculine and healing told me when I shared I was single and dating back in the day and I “thought” I was SOOOOOOO ready to meet my person….

He said…

Keep your heart open.

And I was like, uh ya, you’re singing to the choir.

I have the openestestestestest heart of anyone I know.

I’ve done all this work; sweat lodges and warrior trainings, and bungee jumping……. LOL

Therapy for years….how can my hearts NOT be open after all of THAT?!

But I was wrong.

My heart wasn’t open.

That’s why in my reality there WERE no healthy masculine men.

Because healthy masculine men are not dumb, superficial, or misled.

They RESPOND to the feminine heart.

It’s the feminine heart that INSPIRES them.

It’s the feminine heart that is a source of the Divine for them.

It is the feminine heart that they are seeking.

A soft, open, vulnerable heart.

Opening your heart is the most courageous thing you can do.

And if you’re ready and you want to drop the hearts wall and start connecting with SAFE men then I invite you to send me a DM and ask me about my 11 week group healing program starting TODAY at 10 am PST.

We meet weekly for 11 weeks and it’s a small group of incredible women already gathered. It’s 1111 or 3 x 444 USD.

I just felt the urge to put out one last call for you.

I love you.

I got you.

Let’s do this.

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