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The next woman to tell me that you broke up with her man in love

You’ll totally get an eye-roll from me if you’re the next woman to tell me that you broke up with your man because you two have different “emotional needs” and different “communication styles.”

broke up


OF COURSE you have different emotional needs and communication styles!!!! All FEMALE and MALE humans DO.

This is not a reason you should break up if the man is a healthy masculine man because you will ALWAYS encounter this SAME problem as long as you’re attracted to masculine men.

Until you solve it. And breaking up is NOT going to solve THIS problem.

There are two exceptions to this and here they are in case you wanna come for me:

Exception # ONE: He was an effeminate man and you’re a feminine woman and you can’t run nourishing energy flow between you two because you’re both the same charge or poles (feminine and feminine). He doesn’t get you and hold you the way you need to be gotten and held from a masculine man. And you don’t know that this is the problem, something just feels off, un-grounded and uncomfortable so you chalk it up to differing “emotional needs and communication styles,” because you don’t know what else to call it…


EXCEPTION # TWO: You’re doing life in your masculine energy even though deep down you’re a feminine woman and he’s a masculine man and now you’re again clashing energy, can’t run nourishing energy flow in your relationship because you’re being the same charge or poles (masculine and masculine).

These two exceptions are actually the SAME problem – you have clashing energy/polarity. Two batteries trying to run a charge by putting the positive ends together or the masculine ends together. The batteries are in the WRONG position or configuration.

You need a positive end to connect to a negative end in order to run energy/electricity. Use this analogy when thinking of human relationships. And also it’s worth reminding you here that female and male FORM follows this FUNCTION!

🍆 🍑

But let’s say this WASN’T your problem. Let’s say your problem was that you had the right polarity/charge/energy configuration and you simply faced the problem most couples that are energetic counterparts face: different communication styles and emotional needs.

Your problem is a common problem that can and SHOULD be fixed because IF indeed THAT was the problem I guarantee you from personal experience and years of relationship coaching experience that you will CONTINUE to have this problem as long as you’re attracted to masculine men.

If you’re like most women dating today, you’re encountering all of these problems or a combination of these problems and you don’t know what the problem is or how to fix it so you just call it “different emotional and communication needs.”

I can help you solve ALL three problems above ion my 90 day 1-1 intensive as this is what I do all day for feminine women who’re ready to take radical responsibility for their relationships and ignite a passionate and powerful partnership that lasts a lifetime with their soulmate. broke up broke up broke up

But let me give you a clue here to get you started:

Men’s LOVE is shown in ACTIONS. They pick you up from the grocery store (he wants to keep you safe and spend time with you). They tell you to cash out your IRA (he wants to protect you and contribute to your life). They tell you they don’t trust your boss (he’s protecting you). He asks you where you want to go eat (he wants to make you happy). He tells you you should A B C (he wants to contribute to your life in a meaningful way).

And masculine men don’t need CONNECTION the way feminine women do, they need to feel RESPECTED and like his CONTRIBUTIONS are received by you and that these contributions matter to you and fulfill you. That is connection, to masculine men.

To us feminines, connection is more talking about feelings, feeling we can relate to the other person, feeling heard and validated and seen. And men DO this for us, but they don’t do it the way our girlfriends do.

So yes, different emotional needs and communication styles are absolutely NORMAL but this is a problem you can easily SOLVE by learning to understand men.

When you learn to understand men and partner with them, you can end the cycle of picking the wrong men and finally connect with your soulmate.

If you want help and you’re ready NOW to meet your soulmate, then I invite you to send me a PM and and about my 90 day 1-1 intensive. In that intensive I teach you my proven 3-step dating method that I used to meet my husband and my clients use to meet theirs.

This method works is for spiritual, emphatic and highly sensitive divine feminine women who want to attract a high quality, healthy masculine men who is ready for a relationship.

I help you heal wounds and patters that cause you to give away your power when it comes to men so that you can be the feminine partner a masculine man seeks. I use a combination of Reiki, Sedona Method, Spiritual Insight and Medium ship to heal ancestral and generational issues. I also use my spiritual gifts as a Sirian starseed and Divine Union Activator to help you transmute your energetic frequency to the vibration of sacred union. broke up broke up

And I am a human living here on Earth so I am also VERY practical LOL – I help you understand men and the masculine energy so that you can create a fulfilling passionate marriage for years to come!

My clients meet their masculine match in an average of 3-6 months at a rate of 1-2 dates per week. Sometimes it’s much faster if you follow my framework right away and it can take as little as 10 dates. And occasionally it can take a bit longer like 9 to 12 months. Either way you will end up with a high-value and quality healthy masculine and the lifelong skills for creating divine union that lasts.

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